Getting Started – Your Ideal Business

Hello Future Conscious Millionaires!

Describe the type of business you want to own in three years. If you currently own a business, notice what may have changed. Maybe the volume of customers has increased or that amazing 20-foot tall sign, proudly displaying your company, is out front. You’ve had to hire more employees because demand is so high. Business is booming.

So what is the true purpose of your business? What would be missing from customers’ lives if you ceased to exist?

What challenges and opportunities would you face three years from now? Too much growth, too fast, can overload your workforce. How are you going to handle fast growth?

Would you consider multiple locations?

How about franchising?

Who helped you achieve you dream level of success? Describe who mentored your decisions, gave you advice, and coached you to take the journey you’ve enjoyed.

What are the characteristics of your office? Would it be a thriving environment full of valuable employees, or does your space work best in a small quiet area. How does this area spur your passion for you what you do?

How does your office help foster the vision you created for yourself? Do you excel in tranquility or thrive in chaos?

What systems have you automated in your ideal business? Everyone uses computers and tablets these days, but what about tracking packages with your phone? How will you collect consumer data so you can better service their needs?

Lastly, in what new ways are you engaging with the community? They are your best resource, your biggest fan, as well as your worst enemy. How are you making sure they love your company and they remember your company? How are giving back to them outside of your business?

The point is, an ideal business, no matter how amazing the success, is always going to be complicated. By planning a vision for your dream venture, this allows you to think of all the factors that will make it a success.

That constant striving for success will have you becoming a Conscious Millionaire in no time. Embrace your journey!

Make Your Difference,