Getting Started – Your Ideal Position

Hello Future Conscious Millionaires!

So now you have your ideal business outlined and your vision board created. Now it’s time for the most important aspect of all, your ideal position within your business!

Constantly I see the pains of failure from business owners and it’s not because they have a bad product or a finicky customer, or even a bad location. These companies fail because the position of the owner and everyone else working for the business hasn’t been clearly identified and delegated.

Worse, the business owner doesn’t even enjoy what they are doing because they didn’t design their position to match their passions, sense of purpose, and strengths.

I want you to imagine your primary role in your business three years from now. Begin creating the position you want by imagining what you would be doing on your ideal day.

Are you performing only tasks that play to your strengths and passions?

Are your business partners and employees happy and knowledgeable of their roles to grow your business?

What areas need to be outsourced so you don’t have the headache of dealing with them?

This is your business. You have to be 110% sure this is the way you want to operate.

How will your leadership style affect the business? Are you dynamic and approachable? Or are you driven and results oriented, expecting the same from those who work for you. What fits your personality?

Will you be the face of the business or act as the man or woman behind the scenes?

How many hours a week would you like to spend outside of work? Would you travel on business or be in one location?

Write all of these hypotheticals down about your ideal position. Then, write down how these hypotheticals would make you feel having this position. It’s important that you emotionally enjoy what you are doing at your own business.

Conducting this exercise helps bring a tremendous amount of clarity to how you really want to be a part of your business. This is an important aspect of your journey to becoming a Conscious Millionaire.

Make Your Difference,