Getting Started – Welcome!

Hello Future Conscious Millionaire,

A BIG welcome for being a member of the Conscious Millionaire Community!

Whether you are just starting a business or are a seasoned entrepreneur, I am honored to have you as a member. I look forward to helping you ramp up your growth and make a bigger difference to the world! I’m SO excited that you are here and ready to take the first steps to becoming a Conscious Millionaire!

At this membership site, you will find the tools, strategies, and support you need to become a Conscious Millionaire. I believe this is the best investment you could ever make for your business. Below is a tutorial of what you receive as a member and how to get the most out of your membership.

Watch the Videos: We have 18 videos that are specifically catered to each facet of creating a successful business, and more importantly a successful and fulfilled life. These are arranged under four tabs:

Start Here: This is an introduction video. If you haven’t yet viewed it, please view the 70-second video when you finish reading this blog. Thanks!

1st Millionaire: Two videos based on my e-Book “Become the 1st Millionaire in Your Family: Make a Difference to the Ones You Love!”

CM Books: These videos are specifically designed to enhance your experience of the “Conscious Millionaire” Kindle and Print versions of my core book “Conscious Millionaire: Grow Your Business by Making a Difference”, which became the #1 Entrepreneur Kindle four days after launching and a Bestselling book in two categories within twelve days of launching!

Inner Zone: A preview video of the upcoming 2014 new product “Millionaire Inner Zone.” This is a thirty-day program designed for entrepreneurs, business owners, executives, managers, team members, and sales professionals to rapidly increase their results in only 30 Days!

Listen to the Expert Interviews: Each Month I interview other successful entrepreneurs and business leaders who take a conscious approach to business success – women and men who are dedicated to growing businesses and making a difference. Each interview will give you a unique perspective and fresh insight into the factors of consciously building a highly successful business.

Participate in Trainings: I personally conduct training calls on each monthly topic. You can ask me directly about ANYTHING regarding your business and how to improve it. These are information-packed calls designed to provide practical business information and to inspire you to achieve at higher levels.

Read the Millionaire Blog: Twice a week, I blog to share my insights and thoughts on what has made me successful and what I’m continually learning. I look forward to your comments and to your participating as a member on our blog.

If you Watch the videos, Listen to the expert interviews, Participate in the training calls, and Read the Millionaire Blog – then apply what you learn to your business – you can see a tremendous growth in your business. The entire purpose of the Conscious Millionaire Site is to serve you as a conscious business owner and help you to achieve higher growth and greater profits as you make your difference.

There is so much learning and developing that is going to take place. Thank you for becoming a member and remember to make your difference each and every day.

Make Your Difference,