1936748_120868939121_1753724_n          Anyone who has ever wanted success in life, who has ever had to go against the grain, anyone who has had to blaze a new trail has faced some form of adversity at some point in their lives. Adversity is defined as a state of hardship, affliction or misfortune. The achievement of greatness is the result of being tested by the fiery trials of life. Those trials create the qualities that define what it truly means to be great.

          We often ponder how we can achieve a degree of greatness? How do I avoid the hills and pitfalls that I encounter along my journey? How do I get around the obstacles and onto the success side of the mountain?

          The one thing you need to keep in mind when you are facing obstacles and adversity is to have a proper perspective and understanding of your trials. During trials or hardships, people tend to allow circumstances to weaken and discourage them, which often results in quitting. People often decide that adversity is something that is impossible to overcome- a hopeless block to their success. Acceptance of defeat will certainly cause failure.

          How about changing your view of adversity! Begin to understand and accept that adversity comes into your life not to destroy you, but to make you stronger! Be determined that when adversity rears its head, you will overcome or conquer it! It is impossible to know what you are truly made of unless you are tried and tested. Once you have the perspective that adversity exists only to better you, you will obtain the edge you need to overcome it.

          Your attitude toward adversity will determine whether or not you conquer it or become a victim of it. With the right mind-set, the right attitude, and your sights set on victory, you are sure to achieve success!

Bio:  Ken Canion is a business branding expert, national motivational speaker, entrepreneur, coach, and strategy expert. He was on the “Biggest Loser” reality show and lost 140 pounds and also works with clients in his weight loss programs. You can learn more about Ken at: www.KenCanion.com