8 Simple Steps to Higher Consciousness for Entrepreneurs

This is a guest blog for J V Crum III, business coach, host of the Conscious Millionaire Podcast and best-selling author of “Conscious Millionaire: Grow Your Business by Making a Difference”. Each guest blogger is a top successful entrepreneur who writes on areas such as:  social entrepreneurship, conscious business, how to become a successful entrepreneur, online marketing, business … Continued

Mindset – The 7 Types of Money Beliefs

Your beliefs are filters through which you see the world. These filters determine what you perceive is and isn’t possible for you life. Money beliefs specifically influence the way that you perceive money; they are like patterns imprinted in your brain. When you look out into the world, your mind attempts to match  “external reality” … Continued

Behind the Scenes – Get Unstuck Quickly

In this week’s coaching video we will be talking about building a strategy for getting “unstuck” from any business or personal situiation – Instantly!  

Mindset – You are Worthy of and Deserve Financial Success

We view our lives through a set of filters known as beliefs. Our beliefs about our life and the world around us influence what we perceive to be important. Our beliefs also influence what we naturally direct our attention to, and what we think is possible, and what we think is impossible. Beliefs are built … Continued

Mindset – Living Your Ideal Fulfilled Life

As an entrepreneur you not only need to define your business, you also need to define your ideal life. Many entrepreneurs are so busy running their businesses that they never allow themselves time to define what they want most out of their personal lives. Every entrepreneur deserves to have a fulfilled, meaningful life. It is essential … Continued

Mindset – Why You Must Make More Money

We all need money to live. We need to pay our rent, to buy groceries, to purchase clothes, to pay for education, etc. Many people are simply content with having enough money to meet these basic needs. But why settle for having enough money when you could have an abundance of money? A life of … Continued

Mindset – Make Money by Adding Value

Wealth is not a finite concept. The amount of wealth in the world is constantly shifting; home prices rise and fall and stock market prices go up and down. When there is economic expansion the overall amount of financial wealth grows. When there is financial contraction and recession the overall amount of wealth decreases. So, … Continued

Mindset – Adopt an Abundance Mindset

From the classroom to the boardroom, in the business world we are constantly conditioned to buy into scarcity, to believe that there isn’t enough. A scarcity mindset is your enemy. When you think there isn’t “enough”—enough time, enough talent, enough money, enough resources—you believe that you need to compete against and destroy your competition in … Continued

Mindset – Scarcity Mindset Destroys Businesses

When entrepreneurs have a scarcity mindset they often take dramatic actions in order to destroy competitors, attract more customers, and make more money. Because they think that there isn’t “enough,” they feel that they must destroy other businesses in order to achieve financial success. An entrepreneur in this kind of state of mind may often … Continued

Behind the Scenes – Your Personal Identity

In this week’s coaching video we will be talking about creating a personal identity that is both authentic, and compelling. How you show up in life has a massive impact on your personal and professional growth!