10 Ways to Increase Brand Awareness for your Business

Guest Blog by Sandra Hayward In today’s world, it seems hard to promote your product and convince consumers that it is the best on the market. However, there are still some techniques that can target your audience and capture their attention. By doing this you can increase your sales and brand awareness of your business. Here … Continued

How to Choose Colors For Your Advertising

Guest Blog by Zoey Kasdan Colors may seem like a simple design choice, but they actually have a deeper effect on us. When we browse websites, look at marketing, or stop and glance at an ad, the colors they choose aren’t accidents. The concept of color psychology isn’t new, but it is a controversial subject … Continued

How To Get The Edge On Adversity by Ken Canion

          Anyone who has ever wanted success in life, who has ever had to go against the grain, anyone who has had to blaze a new trail has faced some form of adversity at some point in their lives. Adversity is defined as a state of hardship, affliction or misfortune. The … Continued