How to Grow Your Coaching Practice with Heart

Ben Gioia is a speaker, coach, bestselling author, and president of He shows people how to be better leaders and communicators. He’s trained visionaries at Stanford and helped launch one of the world’s biggest magazines. Now, he’s an empathy and mindfulness consultant for a Fortune 100 company — impacting 15,000 employees. Better understand the … Continued

The Secret to Hyper-Growth

Steven Briginshaw is an international bestselling author, award winning entrepreneur and business mentor. He’s a former chartered accountant and has worked with small businesses since 2000. He helps entrepreneurial professionals and practitioners (coaches, trainers, therapists, healers, accountants) to stop selling time for money and build an impact making business that isn’t dependent on them. The … Continued

Market Using Your Higher Guidance

Richard Taubinger is the Founder and CEO of Conscious Marketer that serves organizations, entrepreneurs and publishers create and launch products and services on the internet. His passion is to raise the frequency and resonance of individuals and companies to support new ways of business that serve, inspire and help people and the planet. Are you … Continued

Focus Now – Business Attuned to the Energies of the Time by Dianne Collins

 Guest Blog by Dianne Collins The exciting thing about being an entrepreneur is that by nature you have great fluidity and flexibility. You can shift and change on a dime, crafting and maneuvering your business with finesse. The brilliance of being a conscious entrepreneur is you do this with awakened awareness and wisdom. You … Continued