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Are you a conscious entrepreneur, business owner, change-agent or someone with a new startup who wants to make a big positive impact, change people’s lives, AND get paid well for making your difference? Would you like to have a more fulfilling life, greater time to enjoy true freedom, and that dream lifestyle you desire?

Our coaching, trainings, and programs are for conscious entrepreneurs, independent professionals, and self-employed individuals who are ready to master the process of building a high-profit business and living a great life – one that combines fulfillment with contribution.

Our passion is helping small business entrepreneurs awaken to their true potential, get their message out into the world, and change lives by living the purpose they were born to bring forth to the world.

Because I personally lead all the coaching, the majority of our coaching is in a group format. There are three options for how you can work with us to grow your business:

- First Million Programs are the most cost-effective option designed for conscious entrepreneurs who seek to create a  seven-figure business. These include First Million Accelerator Program and First Million Mentor Program.

- Conscious Millionaire Masterminds are small groups of conscious visionaries who want to make a powerful impact in the world and create one or more million in wealth. Come explore the possibilities for how you can become a financially successful contributor to your world and future.

- VIP Private Coaching with J V is highly limited and is generally for high six-figure and seven-figure entrepreneurs who want to double their business in the next 12-18 months.




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As you’ve probably discovered, it’s often difficult, frustrating, and challenging to achieve entrepreneur and financial success alone. In fact, few people thrive without being a member of a community, without having a like-minded tribe to share mutual support and to collaborate with on their journey.

This is why we consider having a tribe to be the most important first step you can take toward becoming a Conscious Millionaire. This is why we invite you to join us today. Membership is free and we give you our “12 Millionaire Entrepreneur Resources” as a special thank you gift when you join. You are invited to join our community now.





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