If you are a Coach, Business Founder or Entrepreneur, then I believe you are on the planet to not only change your destiny, but to positively impact the very trajectory of your clients and the world!

Hello and welcome, this is JV Crum III, Founder and CEO of

My mission is to not only inspire you, but to provide you with the tools and path you need to make more money, create a bigger impact, and achieve the abundant life and fulfillment you want. 

What do Our Clients Seek? 

Clients typically seek help in one or more of these areas:

1. How to combine making both a positive impact with achieving financial success.

2. How to develop marketing strategies to attract and close higher-paying clients.

3. How to identify high-profit leverage points and build the systems to scale fast.

4. How to become known as an expert and influencer by creating a top podcast.

5. How to design their business as both a cash-flow machine and sellable asset.

JV works with private clients as a coach, mentor, and trusted confidant with whom they can develop strategy and mastermind to grow their business.

Who are Our Clients? 

We work with two types of clients:

1. Established Coaches and Consultants who want to perform at a higher level, put more money in the bank, and make a bigger difference.

2. Small and Mid-Sized Entrepreneurial Business Owners who seek to expand their vision and impact while significantly growing their profits and wealth as high-performers

The clients with whom we work are or want to become high performers. They want to stretch their boundaries, play at a higher level, and achieve more with their business and lives.

They typically want to create a Big Wave of Change, one that results in services and products that positively impact their clients and our world. However, they may not yet fully envision their next major milestone or how to best achieve it.

People who come to Conscious Millionaire typically “self-identify” as  purpose-driven, heart-centered, change-makers, influencers, or thought leaders.

How can We Help You?

JV is a high performance coach and mentor. Learn more: VIP Private Coaching.

During a VIP One Day or a Longer-Term High Performance Coaching and Mentoring with JV, you will have a transformational experience that is custom designed to take you to new levels of financial success, contribution, and fulfillment.

Because at any time there is a limited number of spaces available to work one-on-one with JV, we have created group programs and opportunities for you to work directly with our Conscious Millionaire Coaches.

COMING IN 2018: Our new Group Training and Mastermind Program, “Million Dollar Authority Podcast”.

A Brief Introduction to JV Crum III

Our Founder and CEO, JV is motivated by a deep desire to uplift, transform and provide guidance to conscious entrepreneurs. His focus is helping them bring greater value to the world while achieving their own version of personal and financial  success.

He is a best-selling author, speaker, international business coach, mentor, and serial entrepreneur who made his first million at the age of 25. He is the host of the Conscious Millionaire Podcast, which was named by Inc Magazine as one of the Top 13 Business Podcasts for 2017.

JV has a diverse educational background that includes graduate degrees in three separate areas: law/attorney, JD; business, MBA; and psychology, MS. He is also a certified coach who holds multiple certifications in NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis trance modalities.


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