Conscious Millionaire is the leader in helping business coaches and consultants who want to make a bigger impact and bigger profits.  

If this is what you seek, then YOU are in the right place. In fact, “Making Money by Making a Positive Impact” is our core value.

Who are Our Clients? Established Business Coaches and Consultants who feel driven by a higher-purpose; they want to make a meaningful  difference.

They may “self-identify” as  purpose-driven, change-makers, heart-centered, social entrepreneurs, visionary, or conscious thought leaders.

People who are attracted to work with JV and Conscious Millionaire, want to do something bigger – even if they have not yet fully identified every aspect of what that is, or how big they truly want to play on this planet. 

That’s OK, because JV is a true master at helping clients discover, craft, and expand their “Big Impact Vision”.

Conscious Millionaire works with business coaches and consultants who are next-generation thinkers, people who seek to create a transformational shift – for themselves, their clients and our world. 

They are high-performers, who, by their nature, constantly want to identify and scale that next mountain peek. Right now, reading this, you are probably already feeling that there is a much bigger role you could play on this Planet.

You probably have a burning desire to positively impact your clients and our world at higher levels.

Now, to grow your coaching or consulting practice to seven-figures or multiple-seven or even eight figures, there is a transformation that is essential.

It is changing from thinking of yourself as a “coach or consultant” to embracing a bigger view of who you are and what you are on this planet to accomplish – a view that adds possibilities.

That transformation includes shifting how you view yourself. This includes changing seeing yourself as a “coach or consultant” to being an “entrepreneur” who is on a journey of building a high-growth business.

I help clients:

  • Shift their Mindset about what is possible,
  • Discover their High-Profit Leverage Points, and
  • Execute to Drive Bigger Growth, Profit and Impact!

Now, like most successful coaches and consultants, if you’ve been in business for long, then you probably know what it is like to reach a plateau, get stuck, or just stop growing as fast as you want.

You may also know what it feels like to think you are just playing too small. That there is something much bigger you could be doing, with your life and as a coach or consultant. I understand. I’ve been there as well. We all have.

I solve this problem.

How? With my 5-step proven system that is based on over three decades of business success.

Get the 5 Proven-Steps now to accelerate your journey to your First Million or rapidly grow your Seven-Figure coaching or consulting business. Discover how I’ve made well-over 25 million in business.

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Whether you feel like you’ve plateaued, are unclear which steps to take next, or want to discover your next major challenge, we help you to move through any roadblocks and reach your next milestone.

At the Conscious Millionaire Institute, we work with you to define your Big Impact Vision, then develop the Mindset, Systems, and Execution necessary to achieve it.

JV coaches and mentors private clients through our VIP Private Coaching. This one-on-one work directly with JV is specifically designed for six and seven-figure business coaches and consultants. To qualify, you must have made $100,000 or more in the past twelve months.

Yet, not all business coaches and consultants have reached that 100k mark. Our First Million Academy Membership program is specifically designed for all levels of revenue-generating business coaches and consultants who want to reach their First Million.

Think of your First Million Academy as a hub of top-quality programs and trainings that are provided by JV Crum III and our carefully selected teachers, each of whom is a conscious expert in their specific area. Our new core-program is launching Fall of 2017 as the First Million Academy Membership. It will be personally lead by JV.

Discover Your Next Major Challenge: At the heart of all of JV’s work is helping each client transform to their next best version of themselves – so they can achieve their next level of results. To apply Click here.

If you’ve not yet achieved seven figures, are you eager to reach your First Million? Join the Academy. Programs include: Group Mentorship,  Training, In addition, you may want to consider Private Coaching.

Conscious Millionaire programs utilize the tools developed by Founder, JV Crum III, MBA, JD, MS Psy, serial entrepreneur, top podcaster, coach, speaker, author, trainer, and mentor. He is featured in the upcoming movie, RiseUP.

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