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MEMBERSHIP IS FREE: Founders-Club is for early-stage founders and startups. If you who want to tap into your power to grow fast, build wealth, and positively impact humanity, Founders-Club is for you. Monthly trainings are by zoom. Participate from anywhere on the globe.

CLUB FOCUS: Founders-Club is designed to help members achieve bigger milestones – faster, more effectively, and with less stress. Learn how to grow faster and exit big.

We support visionaries and disruptors who want to create something that matters. Entrepreneurs with the drive and desire to build wealth by uplifting humanity’s consciousness.

JOIN TODAY: Get two bonuses: hypnotic empowerment audio to accelerte your business growth and electronic copy of JV’s book, “Conscious Millionaire: Grow Your Business by Making a Difference.”

The larger our membership, the more shared opportunities and synergies. Please share this page with your founder friends and startup communities!

Founders-Club unites two complimentary trainings: Performance and Well-Being. Both are necessary so you have the vital energy necessary to achieve the breakout results you want!

PERFORMANCE TRAININGS: Second Tuesday monthly, begin July 9, 2024. Focus is the three performance areas in which all money is made: mindset, strategy, and execution.

WELL-BEING TRAININGS: Third Tuesday monthly, begin September 17, 2024. Get trainings in how to thrive mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually as a founder.

COMING 2025: FOUNDERS-CLUB ANNUAL RETREAT. Join other founders at the two-day retreat in Boulder, Colorado. Includes business trainings, transformational exercises, and time for networking. Sponsorship will make it possible for members to attend for a nominal fee.


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