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CONSCIOUS MILLIONAIRE INSTITUTE, LLC is proud to be the Platinum Sponsor of Conscious World Foundation Inc. and Conscious World Day. A portion of the sale of every Conscious Millionaire Book goes to the Conscious World Foundation, Inc.




The Conscious World Foundation Inc. is a 501c(3) nonprofit organization. It supports our Conscious World Training programs that will expand globally with the goal of working with youth in more than 160 countries.

Our purpose is to develop youth around the globe to become the next generation of conscious leaders. In a single generation we can create an significant upward shift in how our leaders and our citizens envision what it means to win in a global world. We promote the Triple WinTM approach – you, others, and society winning together, as pioneered by our Founder, J V Crum III.

We focus on developing young people into emerging leaders who will consciously create positive change in every area of human endeavor, including: education, health, business, science, technology, and government.

Through our annual Conscious World Day and Conscious World Podcast, we celebrate emerging youth leaders from all geographic regions of the world. By giving these new conscious leaders a voice on a world stage, we both honor them and, through their achievements, inspire others to create positive change that uplifts humanity.

The Foundation’s annual event is the global Conscious World Day; this is a day to celebrate youth and their potential to lead us to a greater future. Each year, Conscious World Day will feature the stories of young people, from around the world, who are creating projects of contributing to causes that uplift humanity.

To learn more about Conscious World Foundation and it’s programs, visit their website by clicking here.



Please participate in Conscious World Day – July, 2015

The purpose of Conscious World Day is to honor emerging youth leaders from all areas of the world who are doing projects or contributing to causes that uplift humanity.

There will be ten (10) finalists, who will each be designated as a “Conscious World Youth Leader 2015”. Each finalist will be interviewed and have portions of their audio interview transmitted during the Conscious World Day as well as on an episode of Conscious World Podcast, which will begin airing the week after Conscious World Day, in July, 2015.

Conscious World Day highlights young people who embody the principle of Triple Win – you, others, and society winning together – as pioneered by our Founder, J V Crum III.

Eligibility: Young people, aged sixteen to twenty-five (as of December 31, 2014), from all countries are eligible to apply and be considered to become a Conscious World Youth Leader honoree. Application deadline is April 30, 2015.

To apply, just click here.


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