Performance Coaching for Conscious Entrepreneurs Mid 6- & 7-Figure!


“After years of struggle to reach 1M, through JV’s guidance and performance coaching, I have doubled from 1M to 2M in just 5 months!”

– Jon Delucia, Client, Entrepreneur

“My business has shown amazing growth since I started recieving JV’s coaching and guidance. I have increased my revenue by 4X!”

– Laura Sicola, Client, Entrepreneur



“I am an expert in solving growth-stopping problems and achieving breakout results. I will coach you to reach much bigger milestones in less time!”

– JV CRUM III, Performance Coach

The conventional, out-dated and limited approach to business can only take you so far. In contast, Conscious Millionaire’s approach produces superior results by providing you with more money-making, world-changing options to grow your business!

Available in 3, 6 and 12 month options, as well as our bespoke 3-year program.

By using our proprietary coaching and advising process, you will clarify the breakout results you want. We will coach you to identify and solve the problems that are holding you back so you can grow the high-profit, fast-growth business you want.

In addition to our focus on the three-performance areas of mindset, strategy and execution, we do transformational work to increase your ability to make money and grow wealth.

  • Shift from slow-growth into scalable-growth!
  • Create your big breakout target and achieve it!
  • Overcome problems that are holding you back!
  • Build a team focused on growth & performance!
  • Eliminate your “secret fears”, once and for all!

Platinum is personally provided by our Founder, JV Crum III, so there is limited availability. JV utilizes his deep transformational skills to unlock your mind’s highest potential combined with a rock-solid understanding of strategy and execution to achieve bigger results, faster!

Who are our clients? Visionaries on a mission to change the world. Entrepreneurs with the drive and desire to build wealth by uplifting humanity’s consciousness.

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