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Profit and Purpose are Natural Partners

“In Conscious Millionaire, JV Crum III brilliantly combines two seemingly separate fields–wealth creation and higher consciousness. In fact, he shows how the new model of wealth creation is based on making your positive difference in the world. When you discover who you are and what you are here to do–what you are passionate about–and learn to provide that to others who need what you have to offer, this is the sound basis upon which to build a successful business.

When you build a business that is based upon providing a product or service that you are passionate about, selling “that” comes naturally and others are naturally drawn to your product or service because of your infectious enthusiasm. When your business team is aligned with this purpose, everyone pulls together and works from the same page. When your sales model is to provide your clients/customers with something they need, at a good value for them, this creates a loyal customer base.

In this book, JV provides a comprehensive blueprint for building a conscious business–that is highly profitable. You’ll discover the tools and techniques to become more highly-conscious and more highly-profitable at once. JV shows us how profit and purpose are natural partners that lead to long-term financial success and fulfillment.

I highly recommend Conscious Millionaire!”

Kevin Schoeninger, CEO

Founder “The Power of Practice”

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Excellent Content – Great Ideas!

“Excellent Content, Great Ideas, Quick read with strong fundamental principles. Provides a road map to start and grow your company without giving up your values. JV not only hits the higher consciousness aspects of business, but a strong bottom line approach to creating profits as well.

As a CPA who works with start-up Entrepreneurs, it’s refreshing to find a book that not only provides the nuts and bolts of how to build a business, but how to have a fulfilling and meaningful life as well.

In his chapter on relationships, JV hits a home run when he discusses the Entrepreneur personal relationship dynamic. It’s like being in two marriages. Good Stuff, a must read.”

Gus Cawley, CPA,

CEO/Founder Zipapply, ZipProfiles, and Staff Financial Group

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This is a Business Book for the 21st Century

“Finally, a nuts and bolts business book that recognizes the growing social consciousness of business owners and, really, of every individual working to increase their wealth. JV shows how compassion for others and dedication to the good of society are not contrary to the goals of maximizing personal wealth and high business profits.

This is not the old trickle-down theory dressed in new clothes. No, in JV’s words, this is “second stage capitalism.”

Today’s capitalist has evolved thinking and sees the unlimited opportunities of growing wealth for everyone. In “Conscious Millionaire,” JV explains how social values and personal wealth goals complement one another and are necessarily linked together.

JV is a practical businessman who understands the realities of what it takes to establish, market, run and grow a business. The goals for social betterment are built into the business plan right along with the goals for quarterly profit and personal fulfillment. “Conscious Millionaire” gives entrepreneurs the practical tools to achieve all of their personal and business goals.

It lays a foundation for the modern “second stage capitalist” who wants to consciously build their business for the betterment of themselves, their family and the society in which they live.

Tim Percival, Ropes & Gray,

Attorneys at Law, Lead Transactional Paralegal



The Ultimate Formula for Prosperity

“J. V. Crum provides a formula to generate the mindset and attitude required to find prosperity in all aspects of life. The book is not just success theory. It contains simple, practical applications that have profound, life altering ramifications.”

Bud Dugan

Human Potential Author and Trainer

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A Must Read for Values-Based Entrepreneurs

“JV refuses to accept there is a trade-off between values and sound business. He argues that only with values can you have a profitable business as he is willing to expand profit beyond money to profit in relationships, in bringing value to the community and legacy for your family.

His most salient point – it’s ok to be a “do-gooder” in business and charge for that. We don’t have to give away our socially responsible skills. Many of us don’t have time to act on our highest consciousness, whether it’s green landscaping, installing an EnergyStar computer system, finding sustainably manufactured furniture – you name it.

If there is a business owner who will do that for me, in a manner that conforms to ESG standards and the triple bottom line of people, planet, profit, that business should charge for the service and I should pay for it. This book shows you how to be that business.”

Rosalinda Sanquiche,

Exec Director of Ethical Markets

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How to Build a Business with Purpose

“JV Crum III has a great personal story – he turned around his family’s business in his 20s, and went on to become a millionaire. After deciding at age 5 that he desperately wanted to become a millionaire, Crum fulfilled that dream within just a few years.

Ultimately Crum figured out that it wasn’t enough to just do well in business – he also believed it was important to live with purpose and do more good for others. That led him to found a non-profit organization dedicated to helping more entrepreneurs to be both financially successful and committed to doing good for the world.

I loved J V Crum III’s unique take on business and practical, real world-advice mixed with Eastern-influenced commitment to a higher purpose. I highly recommend this book.”

John Corcoran, JD

Speechwriter for President Bill Clinton

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Great New Perspective on Building Wealth

“Really enjoyed this book and appreciate the fresh viewpoint on building wealth. Lots of us think about becoming rich, but how many of us accomplish that goal with purpose and meaning? JV provides lots of ideas on how to build wealth with integrity.”

Stephen F. Warley

Podcast, Unstuckability

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Make a Difference in the World

“I recommend reading Conscious Millionaire if you want to make a difference in the world while doing what you are truly passionate about. JV Crum a self-made millionaire provides tips and strategies for you to apply so you can develop the right money beliefs and mind set to maximize wealth. He is one of my coaches who always deliver more value and useable information than you expect.”

Clyde Washington

Entrepreneur, Realty Broker

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Much More than a Business Book

“Even if you are not focused on becoming a millionaire, this book is an extraordinary resource for living a conscious life. JV Crum III has synthesized his lessons from transforming a business, diverse life experiences and master level education in several disciplines into a valuable guide for anyone interested in making a profound difference.

It is clear that JV is passionate about providing information and insight into the human condition to address the challenges people face as they pursue their dreams.

I am impressed with his ability to integrate cutting edge research in science, psychology, education, spirituality and business into a compelling read, along with practical activities that can move a person forward in clarifying and creating their vision.”

Ayn Fox

Founder Creativity Lab, Innovation and Creativity Coach



J V Gets It!

“JV gets it. He knows what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur and what drives the majority of us. We want to be successful for more than just our selves, we want to provide jobs for our employees and we want to give back to our communities. This book is a must read for businesses of any size!!”

Clay Lehman

Entrepreneur, Realtor, Investor

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Take Your Business Passion to New Heights

“It was my distinct pleasure to be part of the editing process for JV Crum’s outstanding entrepreneurial book, “Conscious Millionaire.” I had not only first-looks at his innovative concepts, but watched as his passion for the project escalated to a precise pinnacle.

Working with JV on this project expanded my outlook and definitely had me redefining my values, actions, and desired results. He gently guides you through the book, encouraging all the way, to make changes in your life as well as your business.

What you have the opportunity to do now, is take advantage of JV’s considerable experience and match his passion with your own, in your business. The steps are all there … set up in a logical, creative way that will inspire you to greater growth.

Whether you want to create a meaningful, lasting legacy for your business, yourself, and your environment, or simply improve your personal outlook, “Conscious Millionaire” will help you become rich in all aspects of life.”

LinDee Rochelle

Book Editor, Author, Entrepreneur

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Break Out of the Scarcity Mindset – A Must Read!

“I’ve had the privilege of knowing JV for a year. We meet monthly to talk about business strategy and problems, how to overcome obstacles, and ways to expand business.

Over the last eleven months JV has helped me expand my mind and discover how my mindset of scarcity has been holding me back – he comes from a humble background and made his fortune in a tough industry (trucking) so I find I can connect with him much easier than those coaches who have never worked in tougher environments. He has the skills & knowledge to help you see past the self imposed barriers that we unfortunately build for yourself.

I’ve read his book – and am very happy to see the lessons he has shared with me are present…and then some! The knowledge he’s captured in Conscious Millionaire is especially valuable for any person starting from little to nothing as they build themselves up – a shift in mindset is imperative here and without it we are limiting our own growth. Thank you JV for helping others get past this.

Highly recommended!”

Antonio O. Centeno

Founder at “Real Men Real Styles”