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Conscious Millionaire works with established service and tech entrepreneurs, achievers seeking to challenge their limits and breakout to make bigger money and impact!

Are you wondering, “Why aren’t I already at my next level?”

Right now, you may have a significant business challenge that is keeping you from making the money and visionary impact you want.

Costly problems such as slow or plateaued growth, hiring and retaining top talent, or attracting the right buyers. Causing frustration and time wasted putting out fires, rather than scaling!

Something is holding you back. Truth is that something isn’t only external. It also includes you. That’s because your business growth lays on top of your own growth.


Imagine unlocking your mind’s potential, developing superior strategies, then executing at a level that you’ve never achieved before!

How excited would you feel? What difference would you now choose to make? And, in what ways do you imagine your life and legacy changing?

The answers you seek come from tapping into your mind’s higher potential and the field of infinite intelligence. Having experiences such as flow, synchronicity, and intuitive hunches.

This is how Steve Jobs envisioned the iPhone and disruptive business ideas emerge! Ready to seize new possibilities to accelerate your business – and achieve your dreams?

1,000’s have participated in our coaching and trainings. Millions have heard our podcast.


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“After years of struggling to reach 1M, I realized I had a “monkey mind.” Through JV’s guidance and coaching, I was able to breakthout and start performing at a significantly higher level. I doubled from 1M to 2M in just 5 months!”

– *Jon Delucia, Client, Entrepreneur

“My business had plateaued. It wasn’t growing. Then I started working with JV and realized that my real problem was I didn’t value my own worth and what I was delivering. Since JV began coaching and mentoring me, I have increased my revenues by 4X!”

– *Laura Sicola PhD, Client, Coach, Entrepreneur

“Mentoring with JV has helped me change my mindset. In just two months, our revenue had an amazing 30% increase and continues to grow rapidly!”

– *Pol Cousineau, Client, Entrepreneur, Marketer