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“After years of struggle to reach 1M, through JV’s guidance and performance coaching, I have doubled from 1M to 2M in just 5 months!”

– *Jon Delucia, Client, Entrepreneur

“Year after year, my business has shown amazing growth since I started coaching and training with JV. I have increased my revenue by 4X!”

– *Laura Sicola, Client, Entrepreneur

“Mentoring with JV has helped me change my mindset. In just two months, our revenue had an amazing 30% increase and continues to grow rapidly!”

– *Pol Cousineau, Client, Entrepreneur, Marketer

Who is a Conscious Entrepreneur? A Founder, Business Owner, Entrepreneur who wants to combine strong financial success and wealth building with positively impacting our world!

At Conscious Millionaire, we specialize in Established 6- and 7-Figure Service and Tech entrepreneurs. Most of our clients have revenues ranging from 500K to 10M.

We also provide free trainings to the founder and startup community. Our Monthly Performance Founder Trainings teach them how to reach critical milestones faster.

BREAKOUT: Will this be your breakout year? The year in which you breakout to a new, significantly higher level?

OUR PROMISE: We integrate the practical application of conscious principles with a proven financial model to create the conscious business solutions you want and need.

THE BIG PROBLEM: You and I are living in a world that is increasingly unstable. What we thought we could count on yesterday, can evaporate today without warning. Snap. Gone.

And, at a deep soul level, you and I, all of us are seeking more meaning and purpose. Sure, we want to grow our sales m build wealth, but we also want to enjoy greater peace and fulfillment.

You may feel scared you could lose ground, reverse sales, even lose it all. And, you may feel flat out exhausted with little time “left over” for you – pushing, often feeling out of control.

The conventional path we were taught, no longer works for us. We want something more.

Right now, you are seeking solid answers that you can trust and rely upon.

THE BIG SOLUTION: Our Founder, JV Crum III, developed the 7-Performance Mindset System. Each mindset has a unique formula designed to unlock and awaken higher levels of your potential.

However, as important as mindset is, alone it is not enough. To consistently reach new levels, you must perform at your highest in all three performance areas:


With 100M listeners, and thousands of episodes, JV Hosts the World’s #1 Podcast for Conscious Entrepreneurs and Founders.

And, 1,000’s have participated in our coaching and trainings. We are the place impact-driven founders and entrepreneurs come to grow a high-profit business that uplifts humanity!

As a serial-entrepreneur who has built and sold companies, JV understands what it is like to be in the trenches, build teams, create organizational structure and negotiate deal flow.

Graduate degrees in three disciplines provides JV a unique perspective: JD, MBA, MS Psychology.

Transformational work includes living at a Buddhist Monastery and Esalen, and leading trainings on human potential and higher-consciousness. Naturally intuitive, JV pioneered whole-brain intuition, which he teaches to entrepreneurs and leaders.