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I’ll Reveal The Three Problems Every Entrepreneur Has And The Exact Steps For How You Can Solve Them!

Most businesses struggle with some combination of these three things: sales, profits, and finding the right talent for their team. This is especially true of purpose-driven entrepreneurs who want to scale a high-profit business that uplifts humanity!

Conscious Millionaire is a Global Performance Company dedicated to guiding established 6-, 7- and 8-Figure entrepreneurs to achieve significantly greater wealth, impact, and fulfillment.

Like most entrepreneurs, you probably want a successful, meaningful life. What if you could discover a deeper purpose, imagine a compelling future, then achieve it, how would you feel?

Fact is, most business owners discover that what they’re really struggling with is themselves: their inner mindset, blocks, identity, and their difficulty accessing and remaining in deep-flow.

When those inner struggles are cleared, they tend to quickly achieve far bigger results in their sales, profits, and building the right team. This is the foundation for perpetual fast-growth.

JV is more than a Coach. He is a Guide. His 7 Performance-Mindsets and the formulas he developed to unlock them, liberate you to create the amazing business and life you deeply desire!

But, mindset alone isn’t enough. To create your biggest results, you must perform at your highest level in all three areas that account for fast-growth: Mindset, Strategy, Execution.

With 100M listeners, JV Hosts the World’s #1 Podcast for Conscious Entrepreneurs, like you.

JV’s award-winning best-seller, “Conscious Millionaire: Grow Your Business By Making a Difference” became the #1 book on ALL of Amazon when it launched, with 50,000 downloads in 3 days.

There have been 1,000’s who have participated in our coaching and trainings. We are the place purpose-driven entrepreneurs come to grow a high-profit business that uplifts humanity!

Here’s the combination of capacities you may have been seeking, but not previously found:

One of the top reasons that JV regularly achieves such unique client results is his education, which allows him to view a client’s business through multiple lenses.

He holds graduate degrees in three disciplines: Licensed Attorney (JD), Business (MBA), Psychology (MS), and is a Mensa member. JV also has Nine Years of NLP / Hypnosis Training.

As a serial-entrepreneur who has built and sold companies, JV understands what it is like to be in the trenches, build teams, and negotiate deals.

The World’s #1 Expert on Deep-Flow and how to use it to achieve your highest results, rapidly, JV’s next book is “The Secret to Becoming an Ultra-Performer.”

Conscious Millionaire provides a road-tested, fully customizable methodology that includes the three performance areas that account for all business growth: Mindset, Strategy, Execution.


JV will Coach You to Define Your Biggest 2024 Outcomes,

Then Unlock Your Mind So You Can Achieve Them Significantly Faster!




“Through JV’s guidance and transformational empowerment audio, I was able to double my business from 1M to a 2M run rate in just 5 months!”

– *Jon Delucia, Client, Business Owner, Entrepreneur

“I just invoiced more in one week than I usually invoice in an entire quarter. Year after year, my business has shown amazing growth since I started mentoring with JV.”

– *Laura Sicola, Client, Entrepreneur, Executive Vocal Impact Coach

“Mentoring with JV has helped me change my mindset. In just two months, our monthly revenue had an amazing 30% increase and continues to grow rapidly!”

– *Pol Cousineau, Client, Accountant, CPA (Quebec), Entrepreneur, Marketer



What fulfills you and me, in fact, all human beings the most? It is doing something that we believe matters, it is making a difference with our lives and businesses.

For established 6-Figure Entrepreneurs, our “First Million Accelerator” is designed to shorten your path to your First Million.

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A Brief Introduction to JV Crum III

Our Founder and CEO, JV Crum III, is motivated by a deep desire to mentor and guide entrepreneurs who want to expand their vision, impact and wealth. He mentors clients to grow financially and scale consciously. JV brings higher-conscious business principles and spirituality into his work with clients. .

JV, known as the “World’s #1 Limitless Mindset Authority”, is a 34 x #1 best-selling author, top-ranked podcaster, international speaker, and serial-entrepreneur who has built and sold companies. JV made his first million at the age of 25.

With a diverse background that includes graduate degrees in three areas: law, JD; business, MBA; and psychology, MS, inducted into Mensa. JV is a certified coach, has extensive training in Gestalt, Energy Psychology, and holds multiple certifications in N.L.P. and Ericksonian Hypnosis.

Personally, JV loves adventure, outdoor sports, working out, camping, cooking, traveling, collecting art, concerts including jazz, rock, and classical music, musing over a good book, and building deep, meaningful relationships.