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Welcome to Conscious Millionaire! We are a global transformational coaching and training company dedicated to helping you make bigger money, create a bigger impact, and enjoy a bigger life.

Whether you want to turn 5- or 6-Figures into Your First Million or scale your 7-Figure business, you are in the right place.

At Conscious Millionaire, we believe in building businesses that inspire and uplift humanity, high-profit businesses that make a positive impact on your clients and our world.

Who are our clients?

Entrepreneurs and CEO’s of small to mid-sized companies who want to expand their vision and goals, then compress the time to achieve them. People driven to create positive change.

For our clients, no mountain top is high enough, no impact great enough, no profit big enough, because they constantly seek to achieve a bigger vision and contribute at a greater level!

This is JV Crum, III, Founder of Conscious Millionaire. Some people know me as Host of the Top-Ranked Conscious Millionaire Show, with 12 Million monthly listeners in 190 countries.

Other’s know me as their Mindset and Strategy Coach, Spiritual Teacher, and Business Advisor. I’m the author of what became the #1 book on all of Amazon when it launched, being #1 in 34 Categories simultaneously, Conscious Millionaire: Grow Your Business by Making a Difference!

And, some people know me as the guy who helps entrepreneurs get fast-results! These people often think of me as the guy who became a millionaire at age 25, lived at a Buddhist Monastery to learn meditation, and has graduate degrees in three areas: Law JD, Business MBA, and Psychology MS.

Why did I create Conscious Millionaire?

It’s to provide a conscious path for making money and creating wealth. And, it is to guide YOU on this path by combining spirituality, prosperity mindset, and business strategy.

There is a new Conscious Millionaire in the world today, and it’s YOU!

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“Through JV’s coaching and custom empowerment audio, I was able to double my business from 1M to a 2M run rate in 5 months!”

– *Jon Delucia, Client, Business Owner, Entrepreneur

“I just invoiced more in one week than I usually invoice in an entire quarter. Year after year, my business has shown amazing growth since I started coaching with JV.”

– *Laura Sicola, Client, Entrepreneur, Executive Vocal Impact Coach

“Coaching with JV has helped me change my mindset. In just two months, our monthly revenue has a 30% increase and continues to grow!”

– *Pol Cousineau, Client, Accountant, CPA (Quebec), Entrepreneur, Marketer

“JV is a true genius in his field! His high touch, collaborative approach, has helped me accelerate my growing coaching and training business. I highly recommend his VIP Coaching.”

– *Kiran Rouzle, Client, Corporate Training, Coach, Podcaster, Entrepreneur

“JV is one of the Top Coaches in the World who can help you both transform consciously and achieve high-levels of financial success.”

– *Marcus Aurelius Anderson, Client, Entrepreneur, Author, TedX Speaker



What fulfills you and me, in fact, all human beings the most? It is doing something that we believe matters, it is making a difference with our lives and businesses.

How Big do you want to play? Do you want to stay in the small, little ripple pond…

Or do you want to Make a Big Wave with Your Business – a Tidal Wave or even a Tsunami of positive change and financial success? 

If this is what you want, then you are in the right place! As a Master Mindset and Strategy Coach, I work directly with our VIP Accelerator Clients and provide the primary training for our programs. 

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A Brief Introduction to JV Crum III

Our Founder and CEO, JV Crum III, is motivated by a deep desire to mentor and coach entrepreneurs who want to make a bigger impact and bigger money, men and women who want to achieve time and money freedom, while changing others and the world.

JV, known as the “Conscious Millionaire Mentor”, is a 34 x #1 best-selling author, top-ranked podcaster, international speaker, and serial-entrepreneur who has built and sold companies. JV made his first million at the age of 25.

With a diverse background that includes graduate degrees in three areas: law, JD; business, MBA; and psychology, MS, he was also inducted into Mensa. JV is a certified coach, has extensive training in Gestalt, and holds multiple certifications in N.L.P. and Ericksonian Hypnosis.

Personally, JV loves adventure, outdoor sports, working out, camping, cooking, traveling, collecting art, concerts including jazz, rock, and classical music, musing over a good book, amazing conversations, and building deep, meaningful relationships.


12 Million Listeners ~ 190 Countries ~ 2,000+ Episodes 



Conscious Millionaire Show & Podcast is a production of Conscious Millionaire Media, a division of Conscious Millionaire LLC

*VIP COACHING GUARANTEE: VIP Coaching Clients working directly with JV Crum, III, receive the “double your coaching investment” in 12-month guarantee. If you complete your coaching assignments and after 12-months of continuous coaching, you have not received at least 2x your investment in additional revenues, JV will personally coach you for up to six months, or until you achieve a 2x return on your investment, whichever occurs first, at no-charge to you. NOTE: we have a three-month minimum and do not offer a money-back option because private coaching is about making a commitment then keeping it. Sometimes clients run into inner blocks, fears, or emotional triggers that would make them want to leave, rather than moving forward. Coaching is about showing up.

*CLIENT RESULTS: Of course, client results vary depending upon many factors, including client commitment, resources, and actions. Examples are not typical. No results are guaranteed and you may have losses. See “Earnings & Income Disclaimer”