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Become a Podcast Interview Guest 

Positively impact more lives, get massive exposure, and establish yourself as an expert! Our podcast/radio show reaches 175+ countries and is constantly expanding with over 10 Million listeners and counting. Our Podcasts have been #1 in multiple iTunes categories and are “Top 100” Podcasts in 2015.

Host J V Crum III: You will be interviewed by J V Crum III, who is a professional interviewer and guest. In the past two years alone, he has been a host or guest on over 800 podcasts and radio shows. He knows how to bring out the best in his guests and give his audience top-level information that keeps them coming back for more!

Our Listeners: Business Owners and Coaches who want to create their First Million.

Podcast Guests: Entrepreneurs, business owners, coaches, authors, and other experts on business growth.

Typical Topics: Mindset, Personal Growth, Strategy, Marketing & Sales Systems, Conscious/Sustainable Business, Goal Achievement.



YOUR OWN GUEST PROMOTIONAL SHOW: Contact us to discuss a special “promotional” show opportunity. This is a show that focuses on your product or service in an interview format.

NOTE: We only allow for three promotional shows per month. Please contact us early if you want to discuss this option.

You will receive the audio link that you can embed on your website, send out as part of your PR / Media Kit, or utilize in any way you choose. J V will mention your book, product, or service multiple times on your promotional 30 minute show.

J V completely avoids any “pitch” feel to the show. Because it is an interview format, it enhances your status as an expert to both to your current audience and your ideal prospects!





Love to Hear from Listeners

We love to hear from YOU, Our Listeners with show comments, how you are using the information in your business and life, or guests you would like J V to interview. Click here now!


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