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Become a Guest Blogger for Conscious Millionaire, but please read this first. Keep in mind, our favorite blog articles are informative, action-focused, and provide step-by-step guidance that teach readers about entrepreneurship. They also inspire readers to achieve at higher levels and make their difference in the world.

Suggested topics include (but are not limited to): entrepreneurship, leadership, vision, business growth, increasing profits, startups, online marketing, selling, getting more customers, getting motivated, being productive, mindset, systems.

How to Submit:

There are two types of submissions: (1) Invited bloggers, such as guests on our Conscious Millionaire Podcast, and (2) Solicitations from bloggers who request to place a blog on our site.

We work with our contributors, both invited and soliciting bloggers, and respect the time required to write quality blogs. Therefore, if you have any question about your topic, feel free to contact us prior to writing your blog for submission.

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Guest Blogging Requirements for Conscious Millionaire. Please provide:

Original Content / Blog: High-quality and well written original content 450-600 words in length that reflects the voice and message of Conscious Millionaire. Your blog must not be duplicated elsewhere.

Proper Citation: of quotations, data, images, and all other 3rd party information contained in the article.

Keywords: if you utilize specific keywords / phrases, please provide so we can utilize in SEO.

Author Bio: 2-3 sentences, including no more than two (2) anchor text links to your website and/or book.

How to Submit: Please submit Word document or HTML formatted article with any image files (attribution included) as separate attachments.

The Finer Details:

– Each submission will be reviewed and must meet our content development team’s quality standards to be considered.

– Refrain from blatant self-promotion; in the author bio, you may include two (2) unique links to your website and/or book.

Copyrights: You retain the copyrights to your content.

Promotion: We promote our blogs in various ways. You are more than welcome to link to the article, and share / promote it everywhere. In fact, we would deeply appreciate you promoting it. Thanks!