Our Blue Sapphire, high net-worth coaching is the most exclusive one-on-one program with JV Crum III. It is only available for high net-worth business coaches, consultants and founders of businesses.

The program is specifically for those who seek to consciously expand their contribution and profitability. They may also desire to combine financial and cause-based goals.

Individuals for whom Blue Sapphire is a right fit, seek a professional coach who is not only a systems thinker, but who is also skilled in transpersonal psychology, next-generation business perspectives, and is a leader in the consciousness movement.

It is equally important to them that the coach with whom they choose to work has the conscious capacity to hold space for their own personal transformation while also supporting them both as a collaborative “partner” and guide.

Although they may have achieved substantial success and recognition, they have a deep sense that their biggest accomplishment is still ahead. They come to Blue Sapphire because they are ready to define that expanded, more impactful vision of what is possible for them and then achieve it.

Critical to the shift they seek is the identification of their best and most profitable leverage-points, multipliers of value, and socially-responsible opportunities.

This completely customizable program can be designed for the individual or it may also include key members of their team.

An NDA will be signed upon request. Strict confidentiality is assured. Options for your customized Blue Sapphire Program include:

  • regular individual coaching sessions
  • access to JV’s private cell for laser-coaching
  • customized empowerment audios
  • full day or weekend retreats at your location
  • other options you desire by negotiation

Blue Sapphire is by application. Please complete the form above.

INVESTMENT: From $100,000 to $250,000 US