Tired of not making the money you want? Feeling frustrated because you aren’t attracting higher paying clients? Wanting to grow your business, sales and profits faster?

This is JV Crum III, Master Certified in NLP, Certified Ericksonian Hypnosis Expert, and High Performer Coach. The truth is you are not alone if you are struggling with how to make bigger money.

Most business owners, coaches and sales professionals are hindered by internal mental and emotional roadblocks, including outdated beliefs and old, negative experiences with money that unfortunately block them from making the money they want. The sad truth is what most people have really mastered is how to not maximize their sales and the money they attract to them.

However, if that’s your situation, it can change when you make the right shifts in how you think, feel, and act about money – when you become a true Master of Money.

That’s why I created this special one-on-one Money Mastery Coaching program. It’s for business owners, coaches, and sales professionals who know they should be making more and are ready to do something about it!

This Two Month Money Mastery Coaching is designed to get you fast results without long-term coaching commitments or big financial obligations.

Here is how it works…

First, we meet to establish what you want to achieve financially over the next 60 days. Then I craft a Custom Empowerment Audio so that I’m literally with you every day – it’s like having on-demand daily coaching to make more money!

I incorporate your goals into your personal empowerment recording that you utilize daily or whenever you need a reboot because you get distracted or are in a funk. My clients tell me their personalized NLP empowerment audio gets them back on-track so they can achieve their goals and objectives.

Second, I coach you one-on-one as a private client for 6 sessions to achieve money mastery. I personally guide you through making powerful positive changes in your relationship with money, deep shifts designed to free you from the past, and transform you to move into a new relationship with money and your entire financial life.

Third, I review your business model, pricing, and offers with you. I coach you to “upgrade” your sales and business to both attract better quality, higher-paying clients and put more money in your bank account.

This coaching program is built on the 3 Pillars of being a High Performer: Mindset, Strategy and Execution.

Your next step…

Ready to start making the money you really want?

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