Tired of not making the money you want? Feeling frustrated because you are not attracting more of the right clients? Wanting to grow your profits faster?

Hello and Welcome, this is JV Crum III, Master Certified in NLP, Ericksonian Hypnosis Expert, and High Performer Coach. I help entrepreneurs, like you, transform their relationship with money so they can make more money faster!

I coach and mentor people to not only make more money, but to create lasting prosperity without giving up their values. I help them make more profits while creating an even bigger impact through their life and business!

Maybe you’ve been struggling to get your 5-Figure business off the ground, or you’ve reached 6-Figures, but you repeatedly feel stuck and overwhelmed. You aren’t getting the traction or the financial results that you want. Truth is, you can have more…

It’s time for you to set your sights on making your First Million and then achieve it!

Right now, you could be afraid that everything is going to blow up, or worse, you’ll end up crashing and burning. Unfortunately, that does occur a lot. Even rich and famous people end up loosing everything.

I don’t want that to happen to you. Quite the opposite, I want you to have a 7-Figure Money-Making Mindset and break free of your blocks that stop you from having the money, prosperity, and financial freedom you want and should have!

Most business owners, coaches and service-based entrepreneurs, are hindered by internal mental and emotional roadblocks, including outdated beliefs and old, negative experiences with money that unfortunately block them from making the money they want.

The sad truth is that what most people have really mastered is how to not maximize their sales and the money they attract to them.

However, if that’s your situation, it can change when you make the right shifts in how you think, feel, and act about money – when you become a true Master of Money.

That’s why I created this special one-on-one Money Mastery Private Coaching program directly with me. It’s for business owners, coaches, and sales professionals who know they should be making more and are ready to do something about it!

This Two Month Money Mastery Coaching is designed to get you fast results without long-term coaching commitments or big financial obligations.

Here is how it works…

First, we meet to establish what you want to achieve financially over the next 60 days. If you are not clear about what you want to achieve or the right direction for yourself and your business, I coach you on this as well. Then I craft a Custom Empowerment Audio so that I’m literally with you every day – it’s on-demand Daily Coaching from me to Make More Money!

I incorporate your goals into your personal empowerment recording that you utilize daily or whenever you need a reboot because you get distracted or are in a funk. My clients tell me their personalized NLP empowerment audio gets them back on-track so they can achieve their goals and objectives.

Second, I coach you one-on-one as a private client for 5 sessions. I personally guide you through making powerful positive changes in your relationship with money, deep shifts designed to free you from the past, and transform you to move into a new relationship with money and your entire financial life.

Third, I review your business model, pricing, and offers with you. I coach you to “upgrade” your sales and business to both attract better quality, higher-paying clients and put more money in your bank account.

This coaching program is built on the 3 Pillars of being a High Performer: Mindset, Strategy and Execution.

This is what one recent graduate of the program said:

“Working with JV has helped me change my mindset and how I provide value to my clients, who are also happier working with us now. In just two months, our monthly revenue has increased by 30% and continues to grow.” 

– Pol Cousineau, CPA (Quebec), Business Coach at Digital Navigator

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