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This information is for Podcast Guest PR SHOW:

NOTE: All guests are reviewed prior to acceptance.


Host J V Crum III: is a professional host and interviewer. In the past four years alone, JV has produced over 1,600 episodes as a host.

Our Listeners: Our shows are designed for listeners who are Business Owners, Business Coaches, and Entrepreneurs. We are a podcast in over 190 countries, and are also a syndicated radio show. However, the majority of our listeners are right here in the U.S.A.

JV will work with you to craft a show that highlights your business, product, or service. 


PR Marketing Show Package: $997

  • show focus is to promote your business, product, or service
  • 30 min professional interview by JV Crum III, you are the only guest
  • all advertisement on your episode is about you and your business
  • you receive the link to the show on our podcast to use for marketing
  • you receive the actual audio file so you can edit and utilize for PR
  • you receive unedited video of the show to use for video marketing
  • JV Crum III promotes your book, product, service, or event on show
  • seven weeks of social media marketing, then perpetual rotating tweets
  • professional show notes with links to your social media, book, and site
  • episode also airs on the Conscious Millionaire syndicated radio show

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LISTENERSHIP: Average 100,000 downloads / streams per show plus terrestrial radio listeners (no charge – added as bonus listeners of up to 400,000 radio listeners per show). Actual data for a given show may vary. No guarantee on response rates to offers or ads.