Hello, this is JV Crum III, Founder of Conscious Millionaire and High Performer Coach, Mentor and Guide.

Do you want to achieve your greatness and reach new levels of performance, so you can finally make the impact and money you want?

Whether you’re focused on growing your 6-figure business or have already made millions, right now there is a dream inside of you of a new mountaintop you want to scale.

You may be thinking to yourself, right now a lot is ok in my life and business. However, the deeper truth is you probably aren’t performing at your true greatness.

I work with clients to define their greatness and then achieve it. I help clients transform to a significantly higher level of performance and results!

One aspect of my work is helping entrepreneurs discover their deeper purpose, then infuse it into their business to create bigger impact and profits.

Why did I choose this approach?

Because the most successful and fulfilled entrepreneurs have a deep alignment between the inner world of who they are as a person, and the outer world of their business and the impact they make with clients.

Now, what I’m about to reveal to you may completely change your view about how you build and scale your business.

Now, you may be wondering, what does it means to be a High Performer?

High Performers want to create a big wave with their life, reach big goals, and make big money. This is the essence of what it means to be a Conscious Millionaire

Before I discuss how I work with clients, lets focus on what I can help you achieve:


  • create strategies to reach your goals faster!
  • execute to both increase impact and profit!
  • develop a mindset that gives you a true edge!
  • define a larger purpose to drive your business!
  • be more effective in reaching your outcomes!
  • achieve your goals at a much lower cost to you!
  • compress the time frame to reach your success!

Arriving at your next level of success is a journey that combines strategy, execution and mindset with connecting to the deeper core of who you are.

It’s about how you express your inspired vision so that you impact your clients more while accelerating your business profits.

Frankly, my one-on-one coaching is not for everyone. It’s for business owners, coaches, entrepreneurs, and service professionals who yearn to achieve more.

High Performer Coaching is designed for CEO’S, Founders, Owners, Coaches and Entrepreneurs in Small and Mid-Sized businesses.

I work with a select group of clients. They each want to make an important impact, a difference that matters, and they want to turn their impact into financial success.

The work I do with clients may include helping them get an extra edge, refine their strategies, leverage their execution, or create a mindset that supports them growing exponentially.

Does this look or sound familiar?

On the one hand you see yourself as successful, you’ve reached one or even several important milestones; but on the other hand, you feel stuck, or you just aren’t clear about your next major summit.

Even if you’ve defined your next goal, you may not know which steps to take in order to reach it quickly.

You want to play bigger, and you may even feel frustrated that you haven’t reached your next level already. That’s understandable. High Performers constantly seek to reach higher.

And, you’ve probably heard that mindset is the be all and end all of high performers.

Maybe you’ve even been told that its the real distinction between winning and losing; but, that is a half truth. Which means half of that statement is a lie.

The full truth is that without the right strategy and execution, all the mindset in the world won’t fill your bank account.

What this means is for you to become a high performer, you must focus on creating the right Strategy, Execution, and High Performer Mindset. This is the focus of High Performer Coaching:

Strategy to define and choose the priorities for what you do next.

Execution to take your strategy and turn it into the top results you want.

Mindset to get in your zone so you perform at your highest level and achieve results faster.

Whether in a one-on-one private relationship with me, participating in one of our groups, or utilizing a home-study program, at Conscious Millionaire we coach you to become a High Performer who makes a Big Impact and Big Money.

Let’s start with a conversation to get to know one another.

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