What if you could step into your greatness, then design your business so it turns your greatness into explosive growth?

Imagine that your business creates a Big Impact, that on a big scale, you get to help more of the people you care about. And that you turn your Big Impact into the Big Money and Big Life you want?

How would you feel living every day in this way?

Whether you want to turn 6-Figures into your First Million, or double your 7-Figure Business, there’s a dream inside you of a higher mountain you want to scale!

It’s a dream of a difference you want to make, a purpose you want to achieve, a greater good that can live beyond your lifetime.

What’s most important? YOU are the only person who can fulfill your dream, make your difference, create your impact on the world!

Now, High Performers always shoot higher. Even when they’ve just achieved a massive goal, they never want to “settle” for mediocrity.


High Performers want to Achieve More, Become More, and Give More!


So, what stops so many conscious entrepreneurs from achieving new heights?

The unfortunate, even tragic problem that most entrepreneurs experience is they plateau,  get stuck, or literally can’t see the next big opportunity along their journey. This happens to every high performer on the planet.

As a result, they never reach what would have been their biggest, most lucrative, even most important success of their lifetime.

They literally miss out on achieving “the one” that would have secured their place in history and made their indelible mark on the world!

It just lays there, dormant inside of them.

Failing to live your purpose, achieve your potential, create that big change you are on this planet to accomplish, is the most painful failure anyone can experience.

It’s not just painful for you, but perhaps most importantly, it’s a painful failure for the people you love, for your family, children and friends, and for the community, society, and world in which you live.

It’s arriving at your final sunset, filled with regret.

More regrettable is the often over-looked fact. This is preventable!

It doesn’t have to happen to you. In fact, I believe that’s why you are reading this right now. You are ready for a breakthrough so you can create a Bigger Impact and make Bigger Money!



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Now, imagine expanding your dream so it is 10x, 100x, even 1,000x bigger and more powerful, so it has that much greater impact. How would that change your life, the lives of your customers, the world in which you live?

These are some of the results I can help you achieve:

  • create strategies to leverage opportunities!
  • develop a mindset that gives you a true edge!
  • develop systems so you can scale big, faster!
  • define a larger purpose to drive your business!
  • be more effective in reaching your biggest goals!



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For many entrepreneurs, their dream they want to create shows up as an idea that won’t go away, a compelling sense that this is “the one” thing I must achieve, how I want to help others.

In order for you to consistently excel and up-level your life and business, you must constantly challenge yourself to stretch and grow.

That’s true whether you are on the way to your First or your 100th Million.

As you continue to grow, you will become more clear and laser-focused, experience less overwhelm and struggle, and develop greater confidence that you can actually achieve what you want. That your dream can come true!

Now, what does every High Performer on the Planet have in common?

They never reach a final level. They constantly seek new opportunities, ways to impact others in new and bigger ways, means to leverage and make more money. They are driven to reach ever higher, more amazing mountain tops.

It’s how you will become a Conscious Millionaire!



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I’ve become known for my prediction that in the next decade, the one that is less than a year away, more change will occur than in the entire previous history of humanity. What do I believe this could mean for you as an entrepreneur?

It means the size and speed of entrepreneurial opportunity is greater than ever before. Why is this true? Because of the rapid shifts in technology combined with the uplifting of consciousness that is occurring around the planet.

This could be a true Golden Era, a second GOLD RUSH, except this time instead of using picks and shovels, you will be mega-leveraging with technology and consciousness, and the opportunities you will mine, will exist all over the planet.

I believe that this isn’t just a 10x or 100x opportunity, we could be looking at 1,000x or more increase in the Positive Impact and Money you could make. Will you act upon the new, unparalleled possibilities to make your big impact and millions?

Now is the time for you to prepare for this amazing opportunity…

VIP High Performer Coaching is designed for entrepreneurs with 6- or 7-Figure revenues. If you want to make a bigger impact and bigger money, and you’re tired of struggling to reach your next level alone, I personally invite you to meet with me.


A Brief Introduction to JV Crum III

Our Founder and CEO, JV Crum III, is motivated by a deep desire to coach and mentor high performing entrepreneurs who want to make a bigger impact and bigger money, men and women who want to live a better life while changing others and the world.

His purpose is to uplift humanity and support the evolution of human consciousness.

JV is a 34 x #1 best-selling author, top-ranked podcaster, speaker, high-performer coach, strategist and serial-entrepreneur who has built and sold companies, and made his first million at the age of 25.

A man on a spiritual journey, JV lived in a Buddhist Monastery and Esalen. As student of human potential and consciousness, he participates in numerous personal growth and spiritual trainings. His practices include meditation, qigong, and journaling.

With a diverse background that includes graduate degrees in three areas: law, JD; business, MBA; and psychology, MS, he was also inducted into Mensa. JV is a certified coach, has extensive training in Gestalt, and holds multiple certifications in N.L.P. and Ericksonian Hypnosis.

Personally, JV loves adventure, outdoor sports, working out, camping, cooking, traveling, collecting art, concerts including jazz, rock, and classical music, musing over a good book, amazing conversations, and building deep, meaningful relationships.


*VIP COACHING GUARANTEE: VIP Coaching Clients working directly with JV Crum, III, receive the “double your coaching investment” in 12-month guarantee. If you complete your coaching assignments and after 12-months of continuous coaching, you have not received at least 2x your investment in additional revenues, JV will personally coach you for up to six months, or until you achieve a 2x return on your investment, whichever occurs first, at no-charge to you. NOTE: we have a three-month minimum and do not offer a money-back option because private coaching is about making a commitment then keeping it. Sometimes clients run into inner blocks, fears, or emotional triggers that would make them want to leave, rather than moving forward. Coaching is about showing up.

*CLIENT RESULTS: Of course, client results vary depending upon many factors, including client commitment, resources, and actions. Examples are not typical. No results are guaranteed and you may have losses. See “Earnings & Income Disclaimer”