Our VIP Platinum Coaching is a private, one-on-one coaching relationship with Founder JV Crum III. It is designed specifically for 7-Figure Entrepreneurs and Business Owners who want to add another million or more by scaling their business.

Clients typically have current revenues of one to several million annually and are asking questions such as “How can I 10X my business in the next 5 to 10 years”? and “What is my best path to scaling rapidly”?

They want to make a big impact with their business and turn that impact into even greater sales, profits and wealth. However, they now have a staff to manage and often times still wearing too many hats.

What problems do they need help in tackling?

They realize they didn’t get into business just to manage people. Worse, they may have chosen “followers” instead of building a team of “strategic thinkers” who can take full responsibility for their area or department. And, they may even be experiencing employee churn.

A few years ago they may have had a vision of their “ideal day”, but somehow, it’s now yet materialized. Consumed with far too many responsibilities, even if their own income has grown, they have yet to experience true time and financial freedom.

It’s time to shirt their CEO role to one of inspiring and hiring the right people. All the while, building out the right systems that will allow their business to rapidly increase sales and expand by one or more million over the next 12 months.

They need to up-level their both their perception of who they are and what they can achieve, and their model of how to best grow their business.

By making these shifts, they can position their business to double, triple, even quadruple to achieve solid growth and become an 8-Figure business.

Want to reach add a million or more to your business revenues over the next 12 months while making a bigger impact and achieving true financial and time freedom?

Let’s talk to see if I’m the coach to unlock the power within you. You’ll leave our session with the vision – maybe for the first time – of how you will achieve the success and impact you so desperately want.

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Why Coach with JV?

By applying his unique combination of skills, JV coaches you to shift your mindset, strategy, and execution so you can grow your profits faster and expand the impact you make.

As a serial entrepreneur who has personally built and sold companies, he can coach you through multiple stages of business growth and help you prepare for a highly profitable exit sale. A member of Mensa, JV brings genius-level insight and strategy to help you breakthrough and simplify even the most complex business problems.

JV is a mindset expert with a Masters in Psychology and multiple certifications in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, NLP. He will coach you to shift your perception of who you are and what you can achieve! By utilizing the strong analytical skills he developed as an Attorney, JV can spot the essential key issue that is holding your business back, then resolve it by utilizing his MBA training.

And, as a man with extensive transformational training in consciousness, spirituality, and human potential, JV can hold the space for you to do your work – so that you can finally get out of your own way and take your life and business to the next, much bigger, level.