About the Founder – J V Crum III


Founder and CEO of Conscious Millionaire Institute, LLC, a leading coaching, training and event company for entrepreneurs who want to increase sales, build wealth, and positively impact the world. It’s the place entrepreneurs come to grow a high-profit business that makes a difference.

Host of the Conscious Millionaire Show, the World’s #1 Podcast for Conscious Entrepreneurs and Founders, with thousands of episodes heard by over 100 million world-wide.

Author of the International Best-Selling book, “Conscious Millionaire: Grow Your Business by Making a Difference”. Upon release, it became #1 in 34 categories on Amazon with 50,000 downloads in 3 days, making it the #1 book on All Amazon.

He brings a unique perspective to business because of his graduate degrees in three disciplines: Attorney (JD), Business (MBA), and Psychology (MS), as well as being a Mensa member and holding multiple certifications in NLP / Hypnosis.

JV has built and sold companies, and trained 1,000’s of entrepreneurs. He is a keynote speaker, coach, performance expert, and transformational guide.

His transformational experiences include living at a Buddhist Monastery and Esalen, where the human-potential movement began, as well as leading conscious-based trainings.

On a lifelong mission to awaken and uplift the consciousness of humanity, JV has the dual role of being the Founder / Principle for both Conscious Millionaire Institute, LLC and the 501c(3) global non-profit, Conscious World Foundation, Inc.