Awaken Your Mind, Connect with Higher Consciousness, Create Your New Vision Enjoying Amazing Nature!

Two Locations

Colorado Rockies

California Sierra Nevada

Join other entrepreneurs and business leaders for three days in the Colorado Rockies or California Sierra Nevada. Retreat from “digital time” of everyday demands and enter “nature time” of peace, harmony and inspiration.

This transformational experience is designed for people seeking a radical growth shift.

It’s time for you to awaken into higher-states of consciousness and infinite possibility. Create an expansive vision for your life, business, and community!

Our Founder, JV Crum III, and Wade Chumney, Conscious Leadership expert, co-facilitate your intimate retreat journey. You’ll have private time with the leaders for personal guidance.

Your Colorado retreat includes a day in the Rocky Mountain National Park; your California retreat includes a day in Yosemite National Park. On these days, you’ll tour major sites, view animals in their natural habitat, and enjoy special awakening experiences in nature.

  • Experience profound flow and synchronicity
  • Download from a higher level of intelligence
  • Get insights to uplift yourself, others, humanity
  • Receive disruptive ideas to grow your business
  • Breakout to create a new, much bigger vision

You will be in a community of 8 to 12 visionaries seeking to uplift consciousness on our planet.

Enjoy being in the uplifting energy of nature, participating in group and individual mindful exercises, meditation, “download” training, and sacred time in nature.

Typical Retreat:

  • THURSDAY – Registration 4 PM / Opening Dinner
  • SUNDAY – Closing Ceremony Ends 11 AM / Brunch

Your retreat includes two additional online experiences: a pre-retreat training with a seven-day ritual to prepare you for your retreat, and a post-retreat group integration.

To assure that you are in a group of like-minded people who want to build wealth by doing good on the planet, participation in the retreat is by application.

Your journey begins with a conversation with JV. Schedule your time now!