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Join today’s guest, Rob and discover how to achieve optimum health and fitness as a busy entrepreneur. The first Health Reality Show Podcast that combines video blogs and expert podcast interviews with the reality show journey of host, J V Crum III losing 100 pounds and audience members who participate in 30 Day Challenges to reach their health and fitness goals. Visit our blog to view JV’s video blogs every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Rob is an LA based celebrity personal trainer and host of the Open Sky Fitness Podcast. He specializes in helping men get back the body they once had when they were younger athletes. Recently he’s been featured on the Rdella Training Podcast, as well as Marketing Access Pass Podcast with Anthony Tran.

Expert Areas

Burning Fat & Lifestyle Coaching

How being healthy helps you become more successful?

Approach fitness the way you approach business, then you would have much more success.

Health and Fitness Step

Get started

Daily Health Practice

Scheduling; make it a priority

Favorite Brand and Why?

Jill Miller “Roll Model” and Yoga Tune Up Balls – Effective program and relieves pain

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