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Discover the insider secrets as JV interviews the World’s Top Marketing Experts! On each episode, you get coaching from JV Crum III, MBA, JD, MS Psy and his guests. Conscious Millionaire Podcast provides you with the mindset and strategies you need to rapidly grow your business.

7 Keys

  1. Who do you need to become to take your life and business to a level you only tasted before?
  2. Create a new distinction
  3. What’s the story you’ve been telling yourself that’s holding you back?
  4. Create your 3 Conscious Millionaire goals
  5. You need a formula
  6. Build a vehicle to be in charge of your own financial destiny
  7. Look back at what you’ve accomplished – What are you most proud of?

24 Hour Challenge

Choose one goal that you can complete in the next 24 hours and commit to yourself one other person that you will be committed to achieve that goal

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