Today’s guest… Frank McKinney is a modern-day Renaissance man: Real Estate Artist, 7x International Bestselling Author in 6 genres (Aspire! just released), Philanthro-Capitalist, Risk-Taker, Ultramarathoner, Actor and Aspirational Speaker who sees opportunities and creates realities where none existed before.

Welcome to the Conscious Millionaire Limitless Performer Show for service and tech entrepreneurs who want to create limitless wealth, make a limitless impact, and enjoy a limitless life. Heard on the Conscious Millionaire Network by millions in 190 countries.

Heard by millions in 190 countries. Now in its 9th Season!

JV Crum III, MBA, JD, MS Psy is a serial entrepreneur, 34x award-winning international best-selling author, speaker, futurist and Founder / CEO of Conscious Millionaire Institute LLC. The Limitless Mindset and Strategy Coach, on each episode JV coaches you using the success steps he has developed helping entrepreneurs around the world to make bigger profits and a bigger impact!

Guest’s Expert Areas

Modern-day Renaissance man

24 Hour Listener Challenge:

Identify a physical, financial, relational, or spiritual adversity you’re going through and move from denial to acceptance.

Mindset for Best Business Opportunities

Get the mind right and the money will follow, get the mind right and the miles will follow.

What Impact Would you Make on Humanity as a Billionaire

Turn around Haiti

Recommended Book

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl – Get the Book

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Our Guest’s Ideal Legacy

Frank wants his legacy to be his work in Haiti.

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Advesitology: Overcoming Adversity by Frank McKinney – Get the Book

Aspire! How to Create Your Own Reality and Alter Your DNA by Frank McKinney – Get the Book

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