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Join today’s guest, Denny and discover how to achieve optimum health and fitness as a busy entrepreneur. The first Health Reality Show Podcast that combines video blogs and expert podcast interviews with the reality show journey of host, J V Crum III losing 100 pounds and audience members who participate in 30 Day Challenges to reach their health and fitness goals. Visit our blog to view JV’s video blogs every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.Denny believes that running is the ultimate metaphor for life: there are ups, downs, goods, easy stretches, and rough patches. But the key to success, in running and in life, is taking it all in stride and continuing to move forward.

Expert Areas

Coaching Runners

Health and Fitness Step

Schedule it.

Daily Health Practice

Day of the week basis: runs certain days, has a rest day, yoga some other days

Favorite Brand and Why?

Altra Running Shoes – Redesigned the running shoe

Secret to Balance and Peace

Try to slow down.

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