We have done a lot of work to find our vision, and to own (or become responsible for) our role as the sole master and creator of every aspect of our lives. From there we imagined a destination, a place we will reach that signifies the powerful and fulfilling achievement of personal and professional success. We established a set of goals that we will use to decide which actions and opportunities offer the greatest benefit to our ultimate success. 

Most people think of goals as something they hope to reach. This is one of the reasons most people fail to reach them; Conscious Millionaires view goals as results they are fully committed to achieving.

When you think of them in this way, goals take on an entirely different meaning. When you say, “I am fully committed to achieving my goal!” instead of “I hope that I achieve it,” how much more determined do you feel?

Conscious Millionaires are committed to results. That’s why they make bigger differences and grow bigger businesses. It is also why they set and achieve bigger goals.

Your strategy is the process that will allow you to achieve your goals, and for now we are going to break it down to it’s 3 most basic (and important) steps:

Conscious: To become conscious is to awaken. It is to become aware of who you are, which includes your deeper passions, sense of purpose and greatest strengths. It is to become aware of both your interior and exterior worlds. It is also to realize that you are part of a greater whole, one that includes you, others, and the society in which you live.

Focused: To become focused is to concentrate your attention in a specific direction. Focus is the ability to follow one course of action to completion rather than succumbing to distractions. The more you are able to pay attention to a specific direction, the more your entire business begins to move in that direction.

Action: One of the primary differences between the big winners in business and those who perform poorly is execution. Successful entrepreneurs constantly take action; but not just any action. This magic is in becoming conscious of the specific results you want, and staying laser focused on achieving them.

With our destination in mind, and goals designed to guide us towards the right directions, we can begin using the Conscious Focused Action model to achieve your desired results by taking actions only designed to attain them.