We’re going to touch on motivation, but the truth is – you should already feel far more motivated to succeed than you did before; remember that we aligned your goals with your passion and purpose.

When you and your team are working towards something that matters to each of you, a purpose that transcends money itself, you should be naturally and passionately motivated to achieve.

When you think of the three goals you have chosen, do you instantly feel 100 percent motivated to take any action needed to achieve them?

Here are three possible reasons why you aren’t motivated:

  • You haven’t tapped into enough emotional reasons for achieving it;
  • You must go too far outside your comfort zone to achieve the goal;
  • You choose the goal for the wrong reason, such as you feel you “should” do it or you are attempting to “please someone else” at the expense of pleasing yourself.

The purpose of this step is to become massively motivated. Develop a list of emotionally charged reasons you want to attain your goal as well as negative consequences that will occur if you don’t.

Goals that motivate you, act like magnets. They pull you toward them. You feel drawn to reach them. They lift you up and make you feel excited. By contrast, goals that don’t motivate, act like weights that pull you down. They drain you and literally pull the life energy out of you.