To be honest, this is the most crucial step in accomplishing all of the dreams you have set for your life. When we say “own your vision”, we are really talking about two things: The first part of this is about allowing yourself to fully believe, and commit to the idea that achieving your vision is possible.

The second, and more important part of owning your vision is taking responsibility for, and becoming actively conscious of your complete situation. This is to say that you must embrace the fact that you, solely on your own, are wholly responsible for the place you are at, with the strengths and passions you have at your side to make the most of each opportunity before you.

When you take ownership your vision, and accept that you are the master and creator of your own success, you can begin to establish a Wealth Mindset that allows you to achieve your goals by making conscious choices everyday…

The Formula for Creating Wealth Mindset: conscious focused action.

  • CONSCIOUS: It is to become aware, and to take responsibility for both your interior and exterior worlds. It is also to realize that you are part of a greater whole, one that includes you, others, and the society in which you live.
  • FOCUSED: To become focused is to concentrate your attention in a specific direction. Focus is the ability to follow one course of action to completion rather than succumbing to distractions. When you become laser focused, you build momentum and achieve your goals faster.
  • ACTION: The biggest difference between winners in business and those who perform poorly is execution. Successful entrepreneurs who utilize the Formula for Creating Wealth Mindset become conscious of the specific results they want, and they achieve their goals by taking actions only designed to attain them.

We will talk more about the Formula for Creating Wealth, and the conscious focused action model, but there is still a lot of ground to cover. Before you take action you need to think back to your vision, and choose a destination (which we will talk about in the next blog.)

Take some time, and think your vision through completely; before you can achieve the level of success you desire, you must believe, accept and take ownership of your vision.