Choosing a destination is vital as you continue to build your wealth mindset. You have established a vision for your life both personally and professionally, and you have owned up to the belief and commitment of achieving that vision.

We talked briefly about The Formula to Creating Wealth, which is “Conscious Focused Actions”, but it’s very important that we take a step back and choose a destination before we move forward…

Successful entrepreneurs constantly make huge actions, but their moves are purposefully and strategically designed. Most people on the other hand, jump right in and take massive action.

To choose the right actions every day, you have to pick a destination. Think of this as a single long-term goal; your destination should be a meaningful place of huge personal and professional accomplishment.

The power of a destination is that when you know where you want to go, you are able to reflect consciously on every opportunity, how each affects you, and how they can best help you achieve your vision.

We say destination, because it’s easier to work towards something exact. Do your best to be specific, remember your vision; your destination should not be as vague as “increase sales” 

  • Do you want to put $100,000 in the bank within 1 year
  • Would you like to pay off all your home, car and credit debt
  • Maybe you want to double your customer base in 6 months

Remember your destination, think about arriving at your destination, believe that you will arrive at this destination, and as you become laser focused on the place of arrival, you will be able to consciously identify the opportunities that lead to success.

Be sincere with your destination, it should challenge you as much as it will fulfill you to achieve. The next blog will talk about setting goals along the path to your final destination.