If you goal is to build lasting wealth, and make a profound impact on the world the actions you take each day must become results focused; to grow and expand in your personal and professional life – you must make a habit of creating success days.

The problem is that most people have no standard for their day, no focus to their actions and no system to measure their results. Conscious Millionaires hold themselves accountable and evaluate their success, this is one of the biggest reasons they perform at a higher level and make more money.

We are going to call this your Millionaire Standard, and it will help you to create more wealth faster!

Think of your Millionaire Standard as a benchmark, a measurement you establish that allows you to evaluate your actions and results. It is your definition of the level at which you will keep your commitments and reach your results.

There are 3 Key Points to consider when creating your Millionaire Standard:

  • Time Based: Stay 100 percent focused on specific actions and targeted results for a pre-established period of time. The standard is staying focused and only executing actions that move you toward your agreed results – not whether you fully achieve the result during the period of time.
  • Results Based: Achieve each of the agreed actions and results by a targeted deadline, unless events beyond your direct control, hinder your progress. You agree to hold yourself accountable for any other situation and for achieving your commitments.
  • No Excuses: Choose the quality level of your performance and the time frame for achieving your agreed actions and results; then achieve them no matter what occurs. This is acting without any safety nets—there are no allowable excuses.

We all have fears, and each of us can fall victim to mental and emotional roadblocks; these stop us from achieving what we want. Your Millionaire Standard will empower you to achieve one successful Conscious Focused Action after another.

These small actions and successes will increase your confidence, and each time your confidence increases, your internal beliefs and mindset change about what you are capable of accomplishing.

The more you grow your confidence, the faster you will grow your business profits and make your difference.