Most people think of goals as something they hope to reach. This is one of the reasons most people fail to reach them. However, Conscious Millionaires view goals as results they are committed to achieving. When you think of them in this way, goals take on an entirely different meaning. When you say, “I am fully committed to achieving my goal!” instead of “I hope that I achieve it,” how much more determined do you feel?

You are here because you want to create greater wealth and success, in both your personal and professional life; to do this, you must be totally committed to achieving results.  That’s the only sure-fire way to make a bigger difference and grow a bigger business.

It’s not enough to believe in your purpose, you must be totally committed to achieving it in it’s fullest potential.

I want you to step back, outside of yourself and imagine what would happen if you became fully committed to multiplying your results over the next three years. How much more could you accomplish?

  • Would it be twice as much? Three times as much? Four times, seven times, even ten times as much as you originally conceived?
  • How much larger vision could you bring to life? You are ready to create a big, expansive vision of your dream business, achievable in three years.
  • What does it look, feel, and sound like?
  • What are your products and services? How big are your revenues and profits? Who are your primary customers?
  • What do you most enjoy doing every day? How has your life changed?

We will be starting a whole new series with the next blog. It’s important to remember that these concepts will all stand on the shoulders of one-another; reflect on the progress you’ve made in finding your purpose and passion, setting goals, building strategies and establishing timeframes.

Continue to dream big, and remember – commitment turns goals into results.