Roadmap for Maximizing Results: How to Maximize Your Productivity for Business Owners and Coaches

By: J V Crum III


You may think of the phrase “failing to plan is planning to fail” as a cliché, but this is actually the foundation for developing an entrepreneur mindset that will lead to maximizing the results on every action you take. Before we go any further, lets establish that sustainable wealth is not random; it is the by-product of a process that includes clear, deliberate, and measurable steps and benchmarks.

If You’re Not Wealthy Yet, You Should Look at Your Map

Planning a road trip without a map is foolish. You may know where you want to go, but without the right path to follow, you won’t know the quickest way to your destination. Business is no different.

To become successful in business and achieve millionaire wealth, you need to develop standards by which you live. At the Conscious Millionaire Institute, we call these “millionaire standards”. There are three distinct standards.

These standards act as the criteria by which you will evaluate your daily activities and the results you acheive. The point of developing a millionaire standard is to keep yourself focused and accountable on your journey toward maximizing your results daily and rapid wealth acquisition. Your standards must be detailed, clear, and definitive. There are three types of standards:

Time Based: Only take actions that will help you achieve a specific goal within a predetermined time frame. This can very powerful, but you must keep your mind’s eye trained on your results and not procrastinate at all during the designated time period. The focus is achieving as much as you can in the fulfillment of your prioritized result within your chosen time period. Use a stopwatch if you have to.

Example: “I will make cold calls to prospective clients for two hours.”

Caveat: Some days things happen that are out of our direct control. These should be rare. Some examples are:

  • Your car breaks down while driving to meet a client and you have to reschedule.
  • A family member falls ill.
  • Space alien invasion.

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Results Based: Don’t beat yourself up over the randomness of life. However, most of your day is within your control. If you wake up at 10:00 AM and miss a 9:00 AM appointment that is inexcusable. The reason you chose “Results Based” is you wanted to hold yourself accountable to this standard – and in turn, achieve a higher level of results.

Example: ” I will cold call 20 prospective clients today.”

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No Excuses: Think of this as a combination of numbers 1 and 2. It has three short steps:

Example: “I will make 50 cold calls by noon. My phone died at 10:30 AM, so I took my calling list to the library and used a pay phone.”

  • Select a quality level for your work.
  • Pick a time frame during which to complete actions and achieve your result.
  • Complete the result, no matter what.

You must do whatever it takes to achieve your predetermined result with a no Excuses Standard. If your car breaks down you’ll have to take a cab. If space aliens invade and you can’t reach your office, you might have to hide in the woods with your laptop. Each time you successfully hold yourself to a Standard, you change your mental self-image making it more likely you’ll achieve your results in the future.

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Which One Should I Use?

Usually Results and Time Based Standards will be the best for most people to use on a daily basis. No Excuses should be reserved for only the most critical results. No matter which you use, all millionaire standards will train you to hold yourself accountable for your success and to stop procrastinating.


Throw Out the To-Do List and Start a Daily Plan!

The secret weapon in your Conscious Millionaire arsenal is the daily purpose. A daily purpose is your overarching idea/aim for the day. It determines which priorities are most important. Your priorities, in turn, determine the results and then actions you will take during your day.

Remember the map analogy: Your purpose gives you a direction. Priorities tell you what is most important on your day’s journey. Then results are the milestones you will achieve on your way to creating a Millionaire Success Day!

Having a daily purpose will help keep you mentally focused on only choosing priorities, results, and actions that will help you achieve your overall purpose and move your business and life forward toward your most important short and longer term goals. Here are the steps to create a Daily Plan:

Pick a Purpose: A purpose is your focus for the day. Your purpose should bring you closer to achieving one of your business goals.
Choose a Standard: Pick a Standard to hold yourself accountable for completing any relevant tasks today.
Priorities: List one to three priorities in order of importance that align with your daily purpose.

Example: Your purpose is to expand your client base with a long-term goal of having a net profit of one million dollars this year. Some priorities could be starting a direct mail campaign or going to an appointment with a prospect.

Critical Results: What do you want to have accomplished by the end of the day? Every result should be specific and measurable so that you are clear when you have achieved it.
Why?: How do your results improve your business? Every result should have a clear ROI, a return to your business that is important to your business growth. Each result should have a quantifiable benefit to your company such as increasing revenue, lowering costs, transforming your customer at a higher level, or another outcome that is critical to your business success.
Focused Actions: Select actions based on your priority to lead you to your results. It is easier to decide on tasks because you already have a clear vision of how you’re going to grow your business.

This is the opposite of the popular ”to-do list”. A to-do list is just a series of unrelated tasks with no unifying objective. To-do lists lead to failure because they’re unorganized; your priority is to the rush through the list, if you finish at all.

Time is More Important than Money, So Don’t Waste Your Day!

While many entrepreneurs and business people want to just jump into taking actions (their to-do list), if you want to maximize your results and success daily, then planning your day is one of the most critical components to your success.

Conscious Millionaires succeed more often than others because they know that time is their most important asset. You only have 24 hours in a day while there are about ten trillion US dollars circulating globally. A Daily Plan held to Millionaire Standards will ensure that you maximize your daily results and compound your success over many months and years!

Conscious Planning + Focused Action = Millionaire Success

J V Crum III is the best selling author of “Conscious Millionaire: Grow Your Business by Making a Difference”. He holds a J.D., MBA, and M.S in Psychology and is a world renowned Business Coach. An entrepreneur millionaire in his mid-twenties, today he speaks, trains, and coaches entrepreneurs and business leaders to achieve financial freedom by making their mark on the world. You can find J V on LinkedIN, Facebook, and Twitter @jvcrum. To learn more, visit