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Ready to make a BIGGER Difference and MORE Money by Growing a Business that Fulfills You and Helps Humanity?


Imagine that in just 4 weeks, you’ll have the tools, strategies, and confidence necessary to accelerate your business profits and growth.

No more wondering what is the right direction for your life and business.

No more struggling to figure out who is your right customer or making offers that no one seems to want.

No more confusion about the right business model or how to best market your products and services.

Hello, this is J V Crum III, Founder and CEO of the Conscious Millionaire Institute, LLC. I want to thank you for coming to our Business Accelerator Program page.

I founded Conscious Millionaire to train both established and start-up entrepreneurs, such as experts, service providers, online marketers, and socially minded entrepreneurs who seek to make more money and grow a business that matters.

In case we haven’t met, I’m an entrepreneur who became a self-made millionaire in my 20′s. I coach and mentor entrepreneurs globally and deliver programs to help entrepreneurs rapidly build and grow a business.

My own training includes graduate degrees in three ares: law (JD), business (MBA), and psychology (MS). I also have nine years of training in NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis as well as certifications in PSych-K Energy Psychology and Business Coaching.

Business Accelerator Program is based on our proven system for how to rapidly accelerate your business growth and profits while creating a business that feels authentic and right to you.

It is actually 7 trainings in one, each designed to take you on a deep dive into how to build and grow a successful business. I will tell you more about these in just a moment.

Now, if you are like many entrepreneurs I speak with, what you are missing and most likely seeking is a step-by-step system designed to accelerate your business growth.

Instead of uncertainty, frustration, and overwhelm, imagine that by saying yes to yourself and stepping up to play bigger you can have clarity, certainty, and confidence!

Do any of these seem familiar to you:

  • You are not certain of where to start in designing your ideal business and life.
  • You have a heart-desire to help others, make your mark on the world, and contribute by making a big difference but you simply can’t figure out how to do that and also create high profits.
  • You know that marketing is important, but you have no effective plan or idea of where to begin. Worse you can’t afford to make bad decisions and may even find the whole idea of marketing to feel a bit scary.
  • Perhaps your life or business doesn’t feel like it is headed in the right direction. Something still feels like it is missing or just not working correctly.
  • You have taken business trainings, perhaps spent $1,000′s upon $1,000′s in hard earned money, but in the end felt like you got far less than you expected or were promised.
  • Your sales are way too slow to ever create any real momentum and your business, despite a lot of work you’ve put into it, has yet to become what you had hoped.
  • When you sit down to create a sales offer, your stomach gets knots because you are not sure what to say. In fact, you may be afraid that no matter what you offer, it’s just going to create the same old sluggish results – poor sales, poor profits.
  • You don’t have a crystal clear picture of what success means to you so it is hard to know where you want to head of which goals are right for you or your business.
  • The truth is, that with all your uncertainty and confusion about the right steps to take, you may not even be 100% committed to your business or your own life.

As you and I have both known for some time, there are  no accidents. You are reading these words for a reason.

Perhaps it is because you are ready – to change your business, increase your profits, and play on a bigger field than you ever have before, both personally and financially.

Now, as your business coach, I am here to support, guide, and hold you accountable to achieve at your highest level. So lets review together what you will be learning and applying as a member of this special program.

  • Once and for all, define your “True North” and learn how to build and grow quickly!
  • Build a “Fast Success Action Plan” to rapidly power your business forward in just 30 Days!
  • Use proven methods to increase your sales to existing customers so you increase revenues!
  • Develop the exact mindset needed to almost guarantee greater success in your business!
  • Clarify where you want your life, your business, and your contribution to be in 3 years!
  • Build a high-profit core business model that is completely aligned with your values and purpose!
  • Discover how to get in your “Millioniare Inner Zone” so that you can accelerate growth and achieve laser-focused results!

Now, I haven’t discussed your investment until this moment because frankly, it is so insanely affordable and reasonable for anyone who is truly committed to their future and life, that price in this situation truly isn’t an issue.

Here’s how I know. This past month I sent out two surveys. Perhaps you completed one of them. When I asked what you would expect to pay for a 4 week program of this quality, everyone responded between $497 and $997.

However, when you sign up today as one of only 15 people who will enjoy this life-altering, business-building experience, you won’t pay $997 or for that matter, even $497. Because your investment when you act today is ONLY $197.


“J V Crum III coached me to double my business from 1 Million to 2 Million in revenue while doubling profits – in only five months! He is the mentor you must connect with if you want to rapidly grow your business honestly and ethically. J V is a world-class Marketing Expert.”

- Jon Delucia, client / entrepreneur

You could pay thousands of dollars to work with me privately. However, by taking advantage of this amazing offer, you can Claim Your Seat NOW for ONLY $197!

MONDAYS 5:00 – 6:30 pm eastern

Four 90 minute sessions 6/17, 6/24, 7/1, 7/8