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What does it mean to be a Conscious Entrepreneur? Join us as Jena shares her journey as a successful entrepreneur and provides an inside view on how you can make money by making a difference and become a Conscious Millionaire.

Discover how to become a Successful Entrepreneur. Jena is a Brand Strategist and National Speaker. She is passionate about transforming businesses from so-so to WOW with brand clarity, strategy, and profit enhancement expertise. She is founder of Brand With Jena, a brand coaching company that educates, elevates, and inspires entrepreneurs internationally, supporting them in getting their BRAVE ON!

Expert Areas

Brand Strategist

Biggest Entrepreneur Failure

Jena decided to buy a store front and ended up behind on rent, was losing money, and had to file bankruptcy. This taught her she was capable of making choices to turn things around and she needed a mentor.

How to Generate Leads

Speaking and holding your own events.

Favorite Brand and Why?

Richard Branson – Common thread in his companies

Best Success Book

The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks – Get the Book

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What “Conscious” Means

Present; aware; on purpose

Create Your Ideal Legacy

Jena wants people to know you can do this and you can have the life of your dreams.

A “Cause” to Support

Kiva –

Connect with Jena

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