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Welcome to the Conscious Millionaire Newsletter. We are sharing the exciting week we are having on the Conscious Millionaire podcast.

On Monday, our guest is Jim Schleckser, who assists leaders in growing companies. He is an expert in the challenges fast-growing firms face in their business models, talent, processes, and systems as they achieve higher performance levels. He shares insights on how to Positively Impact 1 Million Lives.

Tuesday features Dr. Jorge Francis Cassir, a retired physician, author, and coach who overcame a dysfunctional family background. He speaks about Intentional Conception for Conscious Parents.

On Wednesday’s Future is Now show, we welcome Michael Morrissey, the visionary Founder & CEO of Next CoLabs. Leading the AI revolution, Next CoLabs helps businesses navigate the AI landscape with innovative solutions, training, and high-level community support, offering bespoke AI integration services for new workflows and revenue streams. He discusses Flow AI and Business Growth.

Thursday’s famous Conscious Millionaire Limitless Mindset show reveals the 3 keys to Becoming the Hero of Your Story.

On Friday’s Limitless Show, our guest is Grace McCarrick. With over a decade of experience building culture in corporate and startup environments, she now helps teams of all types enhance their work dynamics for ultimate growth. She talks about Creating a Team of Super Heroes.

Saturday brings another episode of our famous Conscious Millionaire Limitless Mindset show, unveiling the 3 keys to Manifesting Abundance Now.