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This Monday, we are hosting guest Jay Abraham, who is The 21.7 Billion Dollar Man & Highest Paid Marketing Consultant in the world. As Founder and CEO of The Abraham Group, he has spent his entire career solving complex problems and fixing underperforming businesses. He will discuss Exponential Strategic Performance.

Tuesday, we are featuring Sam and Patrick Cullinane, who have been married for over twenty years and they would tell you they are one of the happiest couples they know. But they weren’t always this happy. In fact, after ten years of marriage, they signed the divorce papers and were ready to call it quits. They will talk about How to Have a Happy Relationship at Home.

Then on Wednesday’s Future is Now show, our guest will be Roy Vella. He is a growth leader, a relentless optimist, and an ever-curious polymath. With a Stanford JD/MBA, he’s also a US/UK citizen who delivers high-growth through digitally-driven teams; he is the one to get it done by creating and amplifying go-to-market efforts. We will discuss The Hardware Software Answer for Entrepreneurs.

On Thursday’s famous Conscious Millionaire Limitless Mindset show, discover the 3 keys on how to Do It Now!

And on Friday’s Limitless Show, we are featuring Harry Massey. He is the Founder of Exponential Health Innovations, a research and design company in the field of bioenergetics, Chairman of NES Health, the leading bioenergetic practitioner company, and CEO of Energy 4 Life. He will discuss Tapping into Your Exponential Self.

Saturday will be another episode of our famous Conscious Millionaire Limitless Mindset show! Discover the 3 keys on Escaping Drama.

Conscious Millionaires, thank you so much for planning to join us for 6 days a week on the podcast! We hope you will enjoy this week’s newsletter! See you again next week!