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Welcome to the Conscious Millionaire Newsletter. We’ll share the exciting week we have planned on the Conscious Millionaire podcast.

This Monday, we are hosting guest Tiffany Zehara, who works with entrepreneurs and organizations globally to shift average concepts, failing projects, and turn entrepreneurs into big thinkers, reshaping ideas and supporting revenue-generating capacities that impact the world. She will discuss Alternative Entrepreneurship at the Threshold of Change.

Tuesday, we are featuring Stuart Taylor, who has diverse, global experiences as a leader in market research, a pioneer in the private venture capitalist arena and a startup founder and CEO, he brings a wealth of inspired business insight. He will talk about From Innovation Turned to Impact and Profit.

Then on Wednesday’s Future is Now show, our guest will be Liviu Babitz. He is an innovator and entrepreneur, with vast experience in designing cutting-edge tech and systems for impact. We will discuss Human Error in Predicting the Future.

On Thursday’s famous Conscious Millionaire Limitless Mindset show, discover the 3 keys on how you can Optimize Time.

And on Friday’s Limitless Show, we are featuring Kirk Schneider. He is a psychologist and leading spokesperson for existential-humanistic psychology. He is an adjunct faculty member at Saybrook and Columbia Universities, and a cofounder of the award-winning Existential-Humanistic Institute. He will discuss Living in Awe by Embracing Anxiety.

Saturday will be another episode of our famous Conscious Millionaire Limitless Mindset show! Discover the 3 keys on how to Keep Doing the Work.

Conscious Millionaires, thank you so much for planning to join us for 6 days a week on the podcast! We hope you will enjoy this week’s newsletter! See you again next week!