The Deep Work that Makes You a Great Coach

Adam and Bay Quiney have been training and leading coaches for over a decade between the two of them. These days they work with entrepreneurs, executive leaders and other high-performers. Sell through your heart and get bigger sales! Are you a business coach or consultant? Do you want the specific steps for how to achieve … Continued

Transform Childhood Trauma to Become a Great Coach

Dr. Anastasia Chopelas unusual combination of scientific curiosity and heritage as a 4th generation healer makes her uniquely qualified to understand the subtle energies that promote or deteriorate health, success and relationships. She retired from a 40 year career as a physicist and researcher studying quantum and vibrational physics to become The Scientific Healer. Are … Continued

The Mindset Behind Success

10X your business practice with the right business mindset. Are you a business coach or consultant? Do you want the specific steps for how to achieve your first million while creating a bigger impact? Then this article is for you. Discover how to breakthrough by finding at least $50,000 in hidden revenues and creating a … Continued

Use Psychometrics to Attract the Right Clients

David Corbin is a Keynote Speaker, Business Adviser, President of Private and Public Corporations, Inventor, Mentor and pretty good guy. He has been referred to as “Robin Williams with an MBA” because of his very practical, high relevant content speeches coupled with entertaining and sometimes side splitting stories. He has worked directly with the Presidents … Continued

The 3 Steps to Bigger Sales

Shirlene Reeves is one of only 253 Certified Financial Educators in the US, a web TV show host and a syndicated radio host on BBS Radio, and the author of SELLING THROUGH YOUR HEART – EMPOWERING YOU TO BUILD RELATIONSHIPS FOR FINANCIAL FREEDOM. She is an in-demand international keynote speaker specializing in educating coaches, authors … Continued

How to Joint Venture to Grow Your Coaching Business

Sai Blackbyrn runs, a business which focuses on building the technology for coaches and helping them grow online. He also co-owns of the third biggest business meetups in the world, and has a Facebook following over 3 pages of 5.6 million people. 10X your business practice when you create value for your clients. Are … Continued

How to Create a High-Ticket Program

Entrepreneurs hire Tom Matzen to build seven figure authority businesses for them fast. He has started some 69 businesses of his own, and has made more mistakes on his own businesses already than most people make in a lifetime. He has made and lost millions, several times over. More importantly, his personal coaching clients have … Continued

The 7-Practices of Self-Love for Coaches

Joie Cheng is the Self-Love Transformation Queen. She is passionate about helping women love themselves so they can live their best life possible. She is a certified professional coach, best-selling author, speaker, mentor, healer, and circle facilitator. She is also a trained yoga teacherraining the Russian Government in it. Beyond that he is a CEO … Continued

Unleash Your Super Power as a Coach!

As the Executive Director of Super Power Experts®, Tonya Dawn Recla spends her days convincing people Super Powers are real and recruiting other powerful mutants. During her career as a government Special Agent, she explored the human psyche, honed her Super Powers, and cracked the code of enlightened self-actualization. Are you a business coach or … Continued

Strategies to Monetize Your Expertise

Vanessa Shaw is an International Business and Success Coach and Inspirational Speaker. Her mission and passion in life is teaching entrepreneurs and leaders how to step up, be bold and play bigger in their business and personal lives so that they can live the lifestyle they always desired. Are you a business coach or consultant? … Continued