89: Bill Prater: Get Out of Your Own Way: Become Limitless

Today’s guest… Bill Prater earned his reputation as America’s Business Alchemist™ by helping business owners and entrepreneurs break free of inertia and accelerate into the future they dream of. Bill created Scaleology® and the Business Mastery System™ as the core foundational principles of dynamic and continuous business growth. A typical client of his sees their … Continued

88: Frank McKinney: Advesitology: Overcoming Adversity

Today’s guest… Frank McKinney is a modern-day Renaissance man: Real Estate Artist, 7x International Bestselling Author in 6 genres (Aspire! just released), Philanthro-Capitalist, Risk-Taker, Ultramarathoner, Actor and Aspirational Speaker who sees opportunities and creates realities where none existed before. Want to expand your consciousness about what’s possible? This is the show for 6- and 7-Figure … Continued

87: Eric Erenstoft: You Are What You Pay Attention To

Today’s guest… Eric Erenstoft is a CEO of two active companies, a Best-Selling Author, Keynote Speaker & Exec Coach-Sultant applying the principles of Conscious Intelligence® to Peak Performance and Catalytic Leadership- and the impact this has running a Purpose-Driven organization. He has worked and lived in 6 different countries, being a paramedic/ First Responder, a … Continued