2288: Best of Connie Pheiff: Create Emotional Engagement with Your Audience

Today’s guest… Connie Pheiff began her exploration of making her mark as the former CEO of Girl Scouts, and Director at the United States Chamber of Commerce. Today, she is a primetime radio host, speaker, coach, and author of multiple books, released in six countries. Connie has been featured in print, radio and television, regularly introducing features on big ideas, … Continued

2287: Best of Steve Young: Think Bigger to Build Your Business Bigger

Today’s guest… Steve Young has set a goal to change the fitness and healthcare industry to provide true transformations in a holistic and sustainable way. Having taught at Universities, conferences, and at his private events, he has been able to provide the world with strategies and tools for life long health. Want to expand your consciousness … Continued

2286: Dr. Ruth Gotian: The Success Factor Secrets

Today’s guest… In 2021, Dr. Ruth Gotian was selected as one of 30 people worldwide to be named to the Thinkers50 Radar List, dubbed the Oscars of management thinking, and was shortlisted as the top eight emerging management thinkers in the world. Her research focuses on mindset and the skills of peak performers, including Nobel … Continued

2285: Corey Poirier: Speaking for Money and for Impact

Today’s guest… Corey Poirier is a multiple-time TEDx Speaker. He is the host of the top-rated Lets Do Influencing Show, founder of bLU Talks, founder of The Influencer Vault, has been featured in multiple television specials and he is a Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and Apple Books Bestselling Author. Want to expand your consciousness about … Continued

2284: Conscious Millionaire Mindset: Financial Freedom

Conscious Millionaire Mindset on “Financial Freedom” On each episode, host JV Crum III coaches you on how to develop a Conscious Millionaire Mindset! This is the show for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to create a positive impact and make their First Million. Thank you for joining JV for today’s Millionaire Coaching! First Million … Continued

2283: Limitless Show: Dr. Ron Stotts: Consciousness is the Key to Inspired Leadership

Today’s guest… Dr. Ron Stotts guides entrepreneurs and business leaders on a transformational inner journey of developing integrated whole brain thinking and accessing Big Mind. He is a leadership expert, best-selling author, and an international speaker. Do you want to think like Einstein or create like Michelangelo? Want to expand your consciousness about what’s possible? … Continued

2282: Best of Simcha Gluck: Mindset for the New Shared Economy

Today’s guest… Simcha Gluck is a father, husband, a life celebrator, game-changer, and futurist. He Co-Founded the game-based entrepreneurial training company Freshbiz, which has taken over 50,000 professionals from top companies across the globe on a game-based journey to smarter, better, and faster. He is also the author of “The New Entrepreneurz: Changing the Way You Play … Continued

2281: Best of Andrea Waltz: Overcome Your Fear of Rejection

Today’s guest… Andrea Waltz is the co-author of the best-selling book, Go for No! Yes is the Destination, No is How You Get There. Along with her partner Richard Fenton, these two have made it their mission to liberate people from fears of failure and rejection, sharing an entire new mindset about hearing the word NO. … Continued

2280: Nick Sonnenberg: Come Up For Air

Today’s guest… Nick Sonnenberg is the founder and CEO of Leverage, a business efficiency consultant, columnist for Inc Maganzine and an author of the book “Idea to Execution”. His mission is to help teams become more efficient and get more work done by leveraging the power of remote work, common tools, and automation. Want to … Continued

2279: Mike Filsaime: The New Path to Being an Entrepreneurial Influencer

Today’s guest… Mike Filsaime is the CEO of Groove.cm. He is an Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, Author, Speaker, Software Developer, Online Marketing Educator, and Marketing Consultant. His companies have generated over 175 Million Dollars in revenue using the direct response methods he teaches Want to expand your consciousness about what’s possible? This is the show for … Continued