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Join us as Chris Badgett shares his insights and knowledge on how to market to attract more clients, close more sales, and grow faster to reach your first million. This is the show for business coaches and consultants who want to create a positive impact and make your First Million!

Discover the insider secrets as JV interviews the World’s Top Marketing Experts! On each episode, you get coaching from JV Crum III, MBA, JD, MS Psy and his guests. The Conscious Millionaire Marketing show provides you with the marketing strategies you need to rapidly grow your coaching and consulting business, including the world-famous “48 Hour Client Challenge.” JV puts each guest to the challenge of identifying and closing a high-paying client in 48 hours or less!

Today’s guest, Chris Badgett is known as “the online course guy.” He created successful online courses, created a gardening course publishing business with experts around the world, and is the CEO of the popular fast growing course building tool for WordPress powered websites called LifterLMS.

Expert Areas

Software and Education Product Marketing

24 Hour Listener Challenge:



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3 Keys to Creating a Great Lead Gen:

  1. Design your curriculum
  2. Use payment add-on
  3. Set course start date in future


#1 Marketing Strategy to Attract Prospects:

Focus on education based marketing

#1 Marketing Secret to Close Prospects:

Schedule time for leads

Marketing Tool or App:


48 Hour Client Challenge – Identify and Close High-Paying Client!

  1. Be specific on who you’re serving
  2. Create short lesson course that solves their problem for free
  3. Send direct email
  4. Offer to talk on live call

Recommended Book

The Hero with a Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell – Get the Book

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Next Summit

Get more focused and clear


  1. Best email subject line ever: How much do you want to spend?…
  2. Quick marketing tactic to use today: 15 min call in Twitter profile
  3. Word or phrase every marketer should use: You
  4. Choose #1 marketing channel you like: YouTube


Connect with Chris

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Outdoor Leadership Secrets by Chris Badgett – Get the Book


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