Hello, this is JV. Thanks for becoming a channel partner with Conscious Millionaire. My goal is for this to be a financially lucrative experience for you. My experience in business consistently shows that when everyone wins big, the opportunities for all involved expand even bigger.

For our VIP Private Coaching, I believe in having a high personal touch that includes learning about a prospect. I typically provide one or two complimentary calls to assure a good fit.

When you have a referral for VIP Coaching, please do a mutual introduction andI will keep you informed and if we make a sale, add to your commissions.

Please email me and your prospect. My email:


Who are Our Clients? For VIP Coaching, Six and Seven-Figure Business Coaches and Consultants who feel driven by a higher-purpose; they want to make a meaningful  difference. For Blue-Sapphire, High Net-Worth Founders, Coaches, Consultants. 

They may “self-identify” as purpose-driven, change-makers, heart-centered, social entrepreneurs, visionary, or conscious thought leaders.

People attracted to work one-on-one with JV privately, want to do something bigger – even if they have not yet fully identified every aspect of what that is, or how big they truly want to play on this planet.


COACH PROGRAMS: VIP Coaching and the upcoming VIP Masterminds are designed for Six- and Seven-Figure Business Coaches and Consultants. Blue Sapphire is designed for High Net-Worth Founders, Coaches and Consultants.

COMMISSION PAYMENT SCHEDULE: All sales for which payment is received in a given month, pays out 45 days after the end of that month. For example: sales collected in January pay out on March 15. Payments  via PayPal; fees responsibility of recipient.


VIP Private Coaching – Commissions

  1. LEVEL 1 GOLD: $1,000   (2 x 30 min sessions / month)
  2. LEVEL 2 PLATINUM: $2,000  (2 x 60 min session / month PLUS Empowerment Audio / email contact)
  3. LEVEL 3 DIAMOND: $3,000 to $4,000  (Level 2 monthly PLUS virtual half-day or full-day / quarterly)

 In VIP Coaching, JV helps clients:

  • Shift their Mindset about what is possible,
  • Discover their High-Profit Leverage Points, and
  • Execute to Drive Bigger Growth, Profit and Impact!

Blue-Sapphire Program – Commissions

The BLUE-SAPPHIRE PROGRAM is customizable to meet the specific needs of the high-net worth client.

Each client’s program may include: (1) Empowerment Audio, updated quarterly, (2) Coaching, two or more sessions monthly, (3) Full Days with JV, two or more every six months, (4) Laser Coaching Calls to JV’s Cell, up to three per month, (5) Emails, as needed, subject to JV’s availability, (6) ADDITIONAL SERVICES, negotiable based upon client’s needs.

Commission: for annual program, $10,0000+



Coaching Modalities: Tools developed within Conscious Millionaire, Empowerment Audios, Visualization, NLP, Ericksonian, Gestalt, Deep Transformational work, Flow-State and Synchronicity, Process Mapping.

Background, Education, Training: Serial entrepreneur; built and sold companies; host of syndicated radio show and podcast, “Conscious Millionaire”, named in Inc Magazine as Top 13 Business Podcasts to listen to in 2017; author of book simultaneously ranked #1 in 34 Amazon categories, “Conscious Millionaire: Grow Your Business by Making a Difference”. Graduate degrees in three areas: Psychology (M.S.) dual-masters in testing and clinical; Law (J.D.) with tax-focus, dual-licensed in Florida and Colorado; Business (M.B.A.). Training / Certifications: Neuro-Linquistic Programming (NLP) nine years of studies including Practitioner, Masters in Modeling, Trans-Cultural, Peak-Performance States, Certification in Ericksonian Hypnosis; Gestalt Training; Psych-K Training; Certified Coach in Accountability; Certified Qigong Instructor. Extensive study of Flow-State, Consciousness Evolution, and Eastern Practices. Skills include: platform building with books and podcasts, negotiation, strategic thinking, marketing strategy, scenario planning, profitability growth, systems development and scalability. International Business studies, on location: Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Tokyo, South Korea, Brazil. Member of Mensa.