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Conscious Millionaire Epic Achiever Podcast is an entrepreneurial, business, and mindset show that reveals the secrets of the world’s most Epic Achievers. Join Marcus Aurelius Anderson as he goes inside the minds of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, athletes, authors, and experts who teach you how they turned their greatest Adversities into their most Epic Wins.

Today’s guest, Kari Mirabal is international keynote and TEDx Speaker, author, and consultant. She shares innovative networking strategies to help professionals leverage the power of connection. She shares knowledge gathered from decades of experience and whose clients include Fortune 500 companies and executive leaders across the country. Her company develops corporate programs, products, and presentations that benefit those interested in earning New clients, increasing profits, and advancing careers through networking.

Expert Areas


24 Hour Challenge

Look and listen in a different filter and find opportunity

Worst Business Advice

That you have to meet everyone at a networking event

Recommended Book to Achieve Epic Success

The art of Possibilities by Benjamin Zander – Get the Book

Get “The Gift of Adversity” Book

Epic Legacy

Kari wants to be a testament to others that you can build your confidence to sustain a network.

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You Already Have the NO by Kari Mirabal – Get the Book

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