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Conscious Millionaire Epic Achiever Podcast is an entrepreneurial, business, and mindset show that reveals the secrets of the world’s most Epic Achievers. Join Marcus Aurelius Anderson as he goes inside the minds of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, athletes, authors, and experts who teach you how they turned their greatest Adversities into their most Epic Wins.

Today’s guest, Nicholas Bayerle is the CEO of The Billion Dollar Body, where they help men reach their ultimate state of health, power, and confidence. Nicholas is an international speaker, coach, and was rated top 30 under 30 influencers. He has coached some of the top male CEOs and is passionate about seeing men prosper is health, business and relationships. Nicholas has shared the stage with Lewis Howes, Cole Hatter, and Jordan Harbinger. He is the host of the Billion Dollar Body Podcast, creator of Billion Dollar Body Live and has curated a successful community of men called The Billion Dollar Brotherhood.

Expert Areas

Men’s Business, Health and Lifestyle Coach

24 Hour Challenge

Make commitments on things you haven’t followed through on. Make commitments to yourself

Worst Business Advice

Go take action and stop learning

Recommended Book to Achieve Epic Success

Make Them Laugh and Take Their Money by Dan Kennedy – Get the Book

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Epic Legacy

Nicholas wants to “go first” or lead by example.

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The Modern Day Business Man by Nicholas Bayerle – Get the Book

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