I’ve been working with coaches and consultants for years. I even interview them for my podcasts and radio shows. And, when you pull back the curtain, here is what you find – most of them never break 100K. In fact, most of them top their career making half of that.


Worse, they spend much of their time in overwhelm, stressed out and struggling to find the right direction and steps. Ultimately, many get totally burned out before they create that financial freedom and life they had hoped for when they started coaching and consulting.


It can happen to anyone…


I’ve even been their myself. The truth is most coaches and consultants who ultimately become successful went through a period, and some a long nightmarish period, of feeling directionless, scared they are taking the wrong steps, overwhelmed.


Maybe you’ve felt something like this as well. You want to make your big impact, help more people, and live a financially successful life. But somehow, it all seems illusive. The more you work, sometimes the more you feel like you are just stuck, or going backwards.


When I speak with a coach or consultant for the first time, I often find they are trying to do 10 things at once, while not doing even one well. Many are attempting to reach several markets but not reaching even one effectively. It can be scary.


Let’s look at 7 reasons you may be living in overwhelm instead of joining the super-successful coaches and consultants who not only brake 100k, they brake 250k, 500k, or even create a business that make $1,000,000 or more.

Are any of these 7 happening to you…


 You wake up from a bad night’s sleep in overwhelm!


Some days you wake up not even wanting to face the day. You didn’t sleep well, tossed and turned, maybe even woke up wrestling with your business problems.


You aren’t really rested and yet you need to go try and figure out how to get a new client or how you are going to handle the bills again this month.


This drags you down and maybe you resort to endless cups of coffee or other stimulants to artificially pump up with energy – when what you really want is to get a sound rest and just take a nap. Yep, it happens and it’s hard to be productive when this is your daily reality.


Tired and frazzled – how can you serve at your best?


Then you have your coaching or consulting call with a client and you must “get it together” so you can show up for them. It can be hard when you are frazzled.


Maybe this is the day you have that big prospect call or meeting. You really want to land them. But how to you dazzle them, really connect and serve them, and show up at your best when you are tired and stressed out?

Then there may be the family needs…


Maybe the kids or your partner need your attention and you find that you really aren’t totally there for them.


You put on a smile and try to act like it’s ok, but inside you may already have that nervous tension or knots in your stomach as you worry about how you’ll finally get the success you want today.

Both women and men experience this!


As coaches and consultants, doesn’t matter if you are a women or men, you probably were born to be giver. You may forget yourself (and this can be even worse when you are tired out and not fully “there”) and forget your boundaries, so you just give and give until you are all given out…


This doesn’t serve you or anyone else fully. Think about that. This, too, is part of that overwhelm, stressed out syndrome that coaches and consultants often find themselves in, daily.


If being tired because of a bad night’s sleep is difficult enough, has this happened to you…

You feel overwhelmed – mentally, emotionally, physically, even spiritually


Instead of using your gifts to change people’s lives and make a positive impact on others and our world, which is why you started your coaching and consulting practice, you are stressed out by the basic questions of how to build a thriving business.


The more stress and overwhelm you experience, the more it wears you down. It’s not just in one area of your life, you may be experiencing this in every part of who you are.

Mental despair can destroy you and your business!


Mentally, as things go differently than you hoped, day after day, you start “giving up”. Even if last year was that great year you had hoped for, somehow this year you may have ended up feeling stuck, or things just started falling apart. Yep, that roller coaster business experience that can happen when you aren’t sure of what to do next.


Your attitude turns from hope and a positive, uplifting enthusiasm, to hopelessness, despair, and even blaming yourself for every little thing that goes wrong. And, how does that affect how you come across with a prospect or even a good client?

Has doubt ever overtaken your mind?


You begin to doubt yourself, not just as a person, but worse, as a coach or consultant. Maybe you question if anyone should hire you. Have you ever found yourself wondering if you really bring true value?


With your attitude harmed or, for the moment, even smashed, your mind starts to search for those negative beliefs and amplifies them. Yet, to be a super-successful coach or consultant, you need to be in the opposite state, one of true empowerment!

Negative emotions can creep in and take over…


Remember what I discussed about your bad night’s sleep. It’s not just the catalyst for a challenging day, it can also be the result of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual fatigue.


The more worn out and filled with mental doubt you become, the more negative your emotions can become. Emotions aren’t isolated either. They effect every part of your being, including your mind and body – as they affect bio-chemical changes that wear you down and slow your energy, sometimes to a grinding halt.


You snap, yes it can happen to all of us. When you are doubting yourself and feeling down, this can happen.

Physically your body gets exhausted and breaks down


As you wear down, what you are really doing is wearing out your body. One of the many things I’ve learned from having a health show for coaches and consultants, is how stress, overwhelm, even negative emotions rapidly age you.


This process of speeding up aging and harming your internal organs, doesn’t just take years off of your life. Worse, it can affect your daily energy and lead to more and more days of sickness that take you out of the game.


The purpose of this article isn’t to scare you – it’s to tell you that you have another option. I’ll get to that in a moment, because I have a gift for you that will give you the exact, specific steps that you can start taking to change your life and success in as little as 3 Days.

Are you spiritually uplifted every day?


No matter how you define spiritual, I’ve never spoken to a coach or consultant that doesn’t believe their entering this field is a true expression of a bigger purpose or reason that they are here on Earth.


For many, including myself, this feels like a calling – to help and uplift others, to truly transform them so they are in a better position than when we met them. As both of my parents taught me when I was growing up, “The world should be a better place for you having walked here”.


Yet, if your mind, heart, and emotions are slammed and your feel burned out, how can you fulfill your reason for being here, and experience the deeper fulfillment you may be desiring right now as a coach or consultant.

You get overwhelmed by day to day demands


Let’s look at your day in the electronic, mobile age. What are your culprits as a coach or consultant?


Has email taken over your life? It comes and comes. Sometimes when I’m doing podcast recordings for a day, I end my sessions with 50 to 100 emails. Crazy. You probably have this same experience.


Right now, I want to give you permission (and please give it to yourself) to ONLY check email two or three times a day. The world will not end if you don’t reply to emails more than once a day or even every two to three days.


Are texts a close second? Yes, I know, I’ve had people lecture me (not about my texts, but about there’s as a justification for always answering immediately). Try waiting to respond once a day or during “pre-scheduled email / text breaks”.


It’s YOUR day. And, you want it to be productive. You want to get a big ROI by what you do every day. Results – that you choose not others. As a coach or consultant, what would you tell a client? Tell yourself the same thing.


OMG, and then all those other distractions…phone calls and voice mails, feeling like you need to do “something” (anything) to attract that next hoped for client. Maybe it’s another blog, or you must post on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, or your other favorite social media site.


Or, maybe you just received another invitation to the latest, greatest, this is “the answer” webinar.


And, you tell yourself, “This is it, I have to attend this webinar or I’ll never become uber-successful”.



Living in struggle and overwhelm, going in 10 directions daily, hustling here and there, everywhere, will never be your answer to going from where you are right now to that next big level as a coach or consultant.


It hasn’t worked in the past and it won’t work today, tomorrow or anytime in the future. It’s not your answer – never was, never will be.

What is the answer?


What I’ve discovered from working with coaches and consultants, and interviewing 100’s for my shows, is that every person who builds a highly successful business, one with predictable revenues and growing profits, has specific steps they take.


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