First Million Programs


J V Crum III’s purpose is to help conscious entrepreneurs get their gifts out into the world and put more money in the bank. By joining a Conscious Millionaire group coaching and mentoring program, you have the opportunity to participate in a collaborative group experience. This will not only foster your business’ growth, it will support you awakening to your true potential.

Unlike many businesses like ours, J V Crum III, Founder and CEO, personally leads all the coaching, which is why the majority of our coaching is in a group format. We offer a free webinar to get you started. In addition, you have two options for group  mentoring and our mastermind program.

First Million Webinar provides you the seven steps for creating becoming a millionaire. Start here to learn how to get on the fast-track to growing, or starting, you own business. Sign up for the next free webinar now.

We also provide life-changing products designed to help you develop a systematized approach to marketing, making money, and growing your business. Everything we do at Conscious Millionaire supports you moving farther on your evolutionary path to higher-consciousness.

First Million Webinar

Sign up now for this FREE Webinar with J V Crum III. This webinar is for you, the conscious entrepreneurs, business owners, and startups who want the keys to creating their First Million. Create the right beliefs and mindset, learn how to attract high-paying customers, discover how to achieve the financial success you’ve long desired. J V shares secrets honed from over three decades of building businesses, investing, and coaching entrepreneurs. Learn how to make your First Million.

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First Million Mentoring

This ongoing mentoring program is designed for conscious entrepreneurs, small business owners, solo-preneurs, change-agents, online marketers, and startups who want to make a positive impact, help more people, and get on the fast-track to your First Million. Join J V Crum III as he personally conducts group mentor calls four times a month. Each call has training section, laser-coaching for participants, and a coaching exercise specifically designed to help you rapidly grow a six or seven-figure business. The program is based on J V ‘s best-selling book “Conscious Millionaire: Grow Your Business by Making a Difference.”

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Conscious Millionaire Mastermind

Collaborate and exchange ideas with other conscious entrepreneurs and change-agents in a small group mastermind designed to support you in making a bigger impact, building greater profits, and achieving both personal and business growth. Together, you innovate, expand one another’s possibilities, and help each other discover new opportunities. Each month, your mastermind includes topic-specific trainings as well as group and individual coaching sessions. Each mastermind is limited to a maximum of twelve (12) participants and is personally facilitated by J V Crum III, CEO / Founder of

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