Guest Blog by Dianne Collins

Dianne Collins HI-REZ RED #1 D0752Color2_300 (1)The exciting thing about being an entrepreneur is that by nature you have great fluidity and flexibility. You can shift and change on a dime, crafting and maneuvering your business with finesse. The brilliance of being a conscious entrepreneur is you do this with awakened awareness and wisdom. You know that we are living and working in a fundamental principle that life is Holistic & Holographic. You realize that what happens in your business is connected to the atmosphere and energetic trends— what’s going on in your industry, in the marketplace, and in the world.


Then what about the “cosmic” energy trends? Are you attuned to the energies of the time? The cosmic energies are subtle energies in the backdrop of our lives. We actually experience these trends. When you are feeling compelled to create something different in your business, this is the subtlety of energy trends.


Cosmic energies are guideposts that steer us in the direction fruitful for bringing about the next level of success for humanity at large—that filter back to us as individuals and to the entity that is our business. They influence more than you may realize. Better yet, when you are consciously aware of the energies of the time, you can use these energies to your advantage.


As the creator of the QuantumThink® system of thinking, I make it my business J to stay attuned to subtle energy trends. I use these trends to consciously create what’s next in our own business, as well as using this knowledge in coaching our clients. When we distinguish something newly, freshly in our present-moment awareness, we know it’s right because one of what I call the 5 Natural Faculties of Mind (Intent, Intuition, Subtle Energy, Resonance, Meditation) is Subtle Energy – so when we feel an energy attunement, we simply just know it. We recognize it and it makes sense.


We’re living in a Quantum Age characterized by three conditions: (1) accelerating pace of change; (2) increasing complexity and choices; (3) daily uncertainty.  All this is bringing about a different world that requires us to think and live from the new framework. Attuning to the energies of the times is a great place to start.





Take these energy trends in, and assess where you and your business can use this to focus with mastery on what’s next for your business. And as always, enjoy the experience!



We’re in a new time and a new era for humanity and for all of our societal institutions including our own businesses. In order for the new to emerge and be strong, we need a solid and strong foundation. You can’t build a new house on an old structure not suitable for the new design. Restructuring doesn’t mean throwing out whatever you have spent years and effort building. It means using what you have developed until now—and re-thinking it. Restructuring sets a different trajectory, a new foundation that will skyrocket your success in a bold new way.


Conscious Practice #1:
Look in your business and in your life and determine what area(s) needs restructuring now. Set your intent for the restructuring to be revealed to you, create a plan, and take action.




We’re all feeling the sense that we want to express ourselves in a new way. Perhaps you’re desiring a different and unique way to present an aspect of your business, your branding or the way you use technology or social media. You’re seeing how you could offer your products or services in a way that you’ve never done before. However this shows up for you, the urge to do something different is undeniable and irresistible!


Conscious Practice #2:
Allow the “cosmic wisdom” of new ideas for yourself to come through you. Write them down. Begin to manifest them as your passion moves you.




In order for the new to emerge we have to be complete with the past, and wrap up any loose ends. For some people it shows up like making a physical location move. For others it means bringing certain partnerships to an end. It could also be finishing projects that you have been working on for a while.


Conscious Practice #3:
Make a list of everything you are “incomplete” with. Those that are priorities will call out to you loud and clear. Place these items on your To-Do list. For all others, you can “complete” them by scheduling them at a future date, or by deciding you are never going to do them, and let them go into the ethers.




To move forward with our new expression of our purpose in the world we need to have an authentic experience of financial and emotional security. These two truly speaking influence one another. Even if you are not yet where you want to be in your financial vision for yourself, still there are practical actions you can take to bring your sense of security up another octave.


Conscious Practice #4:
Brainstorm actions you can take to give yourself an experience of financial and emotional security. Take the actions that are most appropriate. Remember, from a quantum worldview, you attract what you resonate. Outer circumstances manifest in sync with your inner experience. You can create a new resonance for yourself, consciously.



Bio: DIANNE COLLINS is a media personality, original thinker and “girl with a new point of view.” She is the creator of the QuantumThink® system of thinking and author of the 6-time award-winning bestseller, Do You QuantumThink? New Thinking That Will Rock Your World. She consults celebrities and executives, entrepreneurs and students, artists and homemakers in thinking for a new world. Dianne Collins was awarded the “2014 Top 20 Conscious Entrepreneurs” honor and is a blogger on The Huffington Post. Her work instantly leaps us from the limits of the industrial age to the expansive infinite possibilities of our quantum age.