Do you want to rapidly expand what you achieve, both my making a bigger impact and creating bigger profits? Are you seeking to achieve your next level success and wealth in a compressed amount of time?

You are ready to step up your game as a high performer and significantly increase your impact and level of profit over the next 12 months? However, you want to get their quickly by compressing time through an intensive private day with JV.

The VIP Day is a good fit for CEO’s, business owners, or coaches who seek to accelerate their business growth and get the life they truly want.

Typically they have a stuck point, are unclear about what comes next for their business, or don’t know which steps will best help them reach greater business growth and profits.

Areas that can be included in your VIP Day are:

  • Develop a more precise vision for the next 1 to 5 years
  • Creating a path to accelerate reaching your First Million
  • Re-imagine possibilities to grow your Business
  • Empowerment through Conscious Millionaire Tools
  • Identifying and prioritizing your best leverage points
  • Creating criteria for your top high-profit opportunities
  • How to best combine your financial and social goals
  • Mind-mapping of your business services and products
  • Designing your business for maximum value on an exit
  • Other areas discussed prior to or during your VIP Day

Investment: One Day $25,000 / Two Consecutive Days $35,000

Note: Location Denver, CO or such other location where JV Crum III is currently